How To Get Spider Man Mythic In Fortnite

How To Get Spider Man Mythic In Fortnite [update 2022]: Finally Available in Fortnite!

How To Get Spider-Man Mythic In Fortnite, Spider-Man is finally in Fortnite! How to get Spider-Man Mythic skin,

If you purchase the new battle pass, you can unlock the original Spider-Man Fortnite skin to dominate the battlefield in style.

The web-slinging fun doesn’t stop there, as Spider-man’s web-shooters are going to be made available for all players to use throughout the season.

Fortnite’s latest chapter flips the island upside down, introducing a massive undiscovered world to explore. Punchcard quests are out this season, and instead, the devs have opted for weekly quests this time around. There’s also the new victory podium to show off your rewards, and a ton of new cosmetics – including the Spider-Man skin. Chapter III is out now on PS, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch Fortnite Battle Royale.

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And finally, here’s a guide on how to discover the device that allows you to earn lots of experience and unlock another batch of challenges. Read on for everything you need to know about Spider-Man in Fortnite.

Where to find the Spider-Man mythic Web-Shooters in Fortnite

In Fortnite, you can get not only Spider-Man’s costume skin but also his mythic Web-Shooters, which will make exploring the island a little easier.

While the retail release of the Web-Shooters is set for Saturday 11th December 2021, you can acquire them early – if you happen to have a spare $400 (about £300) kicking around.

  • If necessary, continue around the island and collect gold bars until you have enough to reach 400. When you do, move on to step two.
  • Now head to Greasy Grove, located at the far west end of the map, and you’ll find an NPC named Guaco inside the Mexican restaurant.
  • Once you’ve exchanged your gold for the Spider-Man Mythic Web-Shooters, Guaco will take care of the rest.

  If watching videos is more your style, you can learn how to get the Spider-Man mythic Web-Shooters in Fortnite Chapter 3 by clicking here.


The Spider-Man skin is available on the ninth page of the Chapter 3 Season 1 battle pass. You must complete each item on the eight pages before it.

How to unlock Spider-Man outfit in the Fortnite Chapter 3 Battle Pass

To put it another way, to dress as the kindhearted neighborhood superhero, you must first attain Level 80.

If you’ve already completed the season 3 Battle Pass, now is when you should buy some V-Bucks. You’ll need nine Battle Stars to acquire him, and you earn five each time you level up, so it shouldn’t take long.

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