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Does Windows 11 gaming performance Vs Windows 10

Microsoft is going to release their upcoming OS “Windows 11” this year. In its showcase, Microsoft disclosed different details about many optimizations they did on the kernel level. They also reveal the features that Windows 11 includes which makes it the best gaming PC experience yet.

Windows 11 will have many advanced features such as Auto HDR, direct storage, and a very improved and easy game mode setting too. With Windows 11, gamers will experience better performance as compared to Windows 10.

All the features that are revealed by Microsoft are very advanced and gamers are waiting for its launch anxiously. With this OS, gamers will experience better graphics, speed, and pleasure as well.

Let’s have a look at the main and most-liked features of Windows 11.

Auto HDR

The biggest addition to Windows 11 that makes it way advanced over Windows 10 is Auto HDR. This feature was first introduced in the Xbox series X. Auto HDR is a new tech that automatically boosts the color of SDR content to HDR. All this work is done without any user input or any developer implementation at all. Windows 11 will automatically identify an HDR-supported display and will inform the user about the Auto HDR feature.

However, Microsoft did not reveal yet how will this feature be accessed. But at the launch, the showcase was enough to show the difference that Auto HDR made to colors in Skyrim, a decade-old game.

Direct Storage

A feature that will help load games much faster than before is “Direct Storage”. DirectStorage is an advanced DX12 API that allows GPUs to have direct access from SSD. This feature will minimize the dependency of the CPU.

Although it looks like a small change, the difference made by this will be huge and remarkable.

Removing the CPU from the normal cycle will help GPU to game files faster than before and reduce CPU usage too.

This feature will bring the speed and results of the games to a new level. Gamers are very excited and waiting for this new OS anxiously.

Xbox Game pass

Xbox apps o Windows 10 are disliked by the users very much. Xbox in Windows 10 is messy, buggy, and made the system very slow. Even with the reasonable value of the Xbox Game Pass, the slow experience of the app stopped so many gamers from playing games in the game pass library. It shows how bad the Xbox app was experienced on Windows 10.

But in Windows 11, Microsoft is claiming that they have reworked the Xbox app from the beginning. The new launch app will have the feature of Xbox Game pass and iCloud directly integrated which means now you will get access to all the features from a single app. The new app looks like the current Xbox app visually, but backend system management is redecorated and many optimizations have been made to run the app faster.

An Improved Game Mode

Upcoming Windows 11 has much more for you if you are a professional gamer or just love to play games on your PC. it will come with an all-new and improved game mode. In Windows 11, the setting app will have a separate dedicated Gaming tab which will be featured with a toggle for “Game Mode”. There will also be a shortcut to the graphic setting that will open the GPU selection menu for every app.

In windows 10, this feature reduced background app usage across windows to free up  CPU space for games to be run properly. This setting was perfect mostly. But sometimes it reduces the performance to a very slow. Microsoft has now made many improvements to Game Mode that will empower the setting to reduce background app activity and free up more space for games.


Windows 11, which is going to be launched at the end of 2021 will be the most advanced and helpful OS for gaming. It will have many features and improvements that were missing in Windows 10. The showcase of Windows 11 was amazing and has all the new improvements that a gamer wants. Features like Direct storage, Auto HDR, and Xbox game pass will make a huge difference.

windows 11 improve gaming performance

Does Windows 11 have better gaming performance than Windows 10?

Windows 11 will have a very better and more reliable gaming performance as compared to Windows 10. It will have many additional as well as improved features. In Windows 10, the Xbox App reduced the speed and performance of the system to very low. In Windows 11, you can access all the needed features in a single ap which means it will improve the performance to a great height. The direct Storage feature is a milestone as well.

In short, Windows 11 will have way better gaming performance than Windows 10. It will fulfill all the complaints made by the gamers about Windows 10.

When will Windows 11 be launched?

For Windows 10 owners, Windows 11 will be available at the end of 2021 as a free upgrade. The OS system will be available for retail sale at the beginning of 2022.

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