Andy Milonakis Net Worth

Andy Milonakis Net Worth [2022 Update] Interesting Facts

What is the Net Worth of Andy Milonakis?

It is supposed that Andy Miloasik has a net worth of almost $2 Million at present.

What is the Net Worth of Andy Milonakis?

He is an American actor, writer, comedian but now he is spending most of his time streaming games live on Twitch.

Now we can say earnings from live streaming have a huge role in Andy Milonakis’s net worth. He also streams just chatting videos where his followers and fans can get a better idea about his personality and lifestyle. 

There are only a few people in the limelight who do not rely only on one talent. They are always testing themselves in different roles and fields at the same time. Very few of them succeed to get a similar appreciation for all the jobs they are doing. They are the most luckiest and talented persons, indeed. 

Andy Milonakis is one of these luckiest people who have proved themselves very talented and perfect in different roles at the same time. H

e is a multi-talented person who has earned fame in a short time doing several things.

He is an American stand-up comedian, writer, actor, rapper, and voice-over artist. He was nominated for Teen Choice Award, Choice Summer TV Series in 2005.

Andy’s carrier is full of success and progress yet. He is very popular and famous from the day he came in limelight due to his viral video. He has performed various roles in the industry and succeeded every time. 

Early Life

Early Life

On January 30, 1976, Andy Milonakis was born in Katonah, New York to Greek-American parents, having an elder sister. He was raised in Queens.

 He was born with growth hormone efficacy that has made him sound and look like a young boy even he is now in his 40s.

 He was bullied in school due to this disease. He always relied on his humor to help escape from this situation. One of his famous quiet is “Humor is a great defense mechanism” and he proved it throughout his life.


Milonakis has a degree in computer sciences and worked in an IT office before his first appearance on TV.

After his appearance on TV, he had to leave this job as he was not able to give proper time and attention to his office. But who knew that this short time job loss would result in a hugely successful life for him. After his first appearance on Tv, he never looked back and drew his own way in the hardest place of showbiz.   


During his job at an accounting firm, he also used to make funny videos and sketches at home, he posted these contents on his friend’s website, “”.


He also got classes at Upright Citizens Bridge Theater to polish his talent for comedy. He was doing all this stuff to prove himself a talented comedian and entertainer. 

One night in January 2003, one of his friends invited him to attend a super bowl party at his home. Instead of going there, he stayed at home and made a funny video titled, “Super Bowl is Gay” and posted it on the website.

That was his luckiest night as this video got 100k views within 24 hours and the very next morning, a star was born. After that, we see a long list of Andy Milokasn movies and TV shows.  

His video was played on a late-night talk show “Jimmy Kimmel Live” and Kimmel praised him by saying, “The Kid is going to be a star”. After that Andy began to appear in the show doing funny man-on-the-street interviews all over the country which was liked by the audience.

After doing some episodes, he moved to Los Angles.

The Andy Milonakis Show

After moving to LA, Andy started working on a pilot project with Kimmel which is on-aired on MTV by the name “The Andy Milonakis Show”.

The Andy Milonakis Show

The show included funny sketches, man-on-the-street interviews, and guest appearances as well. The show was aired for 22 episodes and was nominated for the Teen Choice Award for Choice Summer Series in 2005. 

Andy Milonakis has also worked in several movies including “Who’s Your Caddy?” (2007), “Extreme Movie” (2008), and “Mac&Devin Go To High School” (2012). 

He has also given his services as a voice-over artist for cartoon Network series. 

As a Rapper

Milonakis was also a member of the rap group “Three Loco”. The other members of the group were Riff Raff and Dirt Nasty. This trio released an album in 2012 named “Three Loco”.

 The group was broken in 2014 for some personal reasons. But they reunited in 2020 to record “ Arrogant American Freestyle”. Andy has also released some solo tracks such as “Let Me Twitter Dat”, “Lemonade Bubble Gum”, and “Worst Day”.

He has also performed on tracks by some big artists Like Snoop Dogg, Diwon, Hands of Tyme, and Gucci Mane. 

This also proves that Andy Milonakis is the luckiest person who is enjoying fame in every role. He has proved himself a shining star in this sub-field of showbiz too.

Let me tell you one more thing, Andy was not pushed to do rap actually. His first viral video also belonged to this thing.

He used to rap since his appearance on his friend’s website. He earned a lot of fame and money through this platform too. 

As A Poker Player

As A Poker Player

Andy always loves to play Poker and it is his favorite hobby. In 2020, he signed a deal with American Cardroom to stream online poker on his twitch channel too.

 He also took part in a poker tournament just benefiting Feeding America and finished in third place. He also played Fantasy Poker Night in 2007 to raise funds for the Lili Claire Foundation.

He has also taken part in the “Live On The Bike” poker stream and has played in RunItUp Reno Festival.    

 Most of the poker tournament and live streams in which Andy took part was for charity purposes. He proved to be the best human being too. 

How Old is Andy Milonakis? 

If you are thinking that the live streamer is a young boy, you are wrong about Andy Milonakis’s age. The young-looking cute boy was born on January 30, 1976.

At present, Andy Milonakis’s age is 45 years and we know it would be shocking news for most of the readers. Milonakis has a disease by birth that affects the growth of hormones. That’s why he looks and sound young in his forties

Andy Milonakis’s Wife

Andy Milonakis’s Wife

Here we thought a disappointment for the fans who are rushing here to find who is Andy Milonakis’s wife. Andy used to post pictures with different women from the Hollywood industry at different times but he never ever claimed to be in a relationship with any of them.

He has never been in highlights due to his love affairs or scandals. He has not married yet and that’s why this section is blank. 

He made some jocks in some of his interviews about marriage as well but he does not look interested at all in being married.

The only reason that seems behind it is he is so busy in his carrier that he has no free time for a new family or wife. He finds a streaming live couple of hours regularly and enjoying this work very much.   

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  3. “he started posting videos on YouTube. One of his earliest videos went viral in 2003” but youtube was created in 2005

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