Asia Pulp and Paper Packaging Industry

What You Need to Know About Asia Pulp and Paper Packaging Industry

If you have not heard the term APP before, then it is time to get informed. APP or Asia Pulp and Paper is an umbrella company and the best Asia pulp and paper packaging industry that manages tissue and packaging paper companies in Asia. The company was founded in Indonesia in 1972, although back then it was called Tjiwi Kimia. It has since grown to become a multinational company employing more than 60,000 people and operating in 17 countries.

There are many things you need to know about the Asia Pulp and Paper packaging sector. These include:

It’s One of the Largest Paper Producing Companies Worldwide

APP is one of the world’s largest producers of pulp and paper products. The company is responsible for producing over 15 million tons of paper products annually. This makes it one of the largest producers of pulp, paper, and packaging products in the world today. In fact, the company supplies 40% of all Chinese demand for these products.

They Offer a Wide Range of Paper Products

APP is responsible for offering a very wide range of products including specialty paper, fine papers (which include office paper), household papers, as well as packaging papers such as corrugated cartons and industrial bags. They also offer tissue papers which includes toilet tissues, napkins, facial tissues among others.

Asia Pacific is the largest producer of pulp and paper packaging in the world, accounting for 57% of the global market share and has become one of the most important producers of pulp and paper packaging in recent years due to its rapid growth.

They Offer Excellent Paper Packaging Services

Each package is designed with your needs in mind. They’ve created a variety of different sizes to suit your budget and your needs, so whether you need something in bulk or just a small supply for personal use, they’ve got you covered.

More so, their packages are easy to use! They’ve designed them with usability in mind because they want them to be intuitive and simple so that they can be opened quickly without wasting time fumbling around with complicated instructions or figuring out how something works before it’s too late (like when an accident happens).

Company Operational Areas

The company’s manufacturing operations are located in Indonesia, China, Australia, South Korea, India, Japan, Malaysia and Vietnam. APP is the largest Asia pulp and paper packaging industry in the production of high quality paper products for the domestic and international markets. The company is also a major supplier of raw materials to domestic paper producers. This company makes everything from tissue paper to corrugated boxes for shipping; they even make toilet paper!

Asia Pulp and Paper Is On-Trend

The pulp and packaging industry has been a trendsetter for years, but it’s really taken off lately. Just last year, its use of palm oil trees was a major topic at the United Nations’ Paris Climate Change Conference. It’s not just about climate change, though – Asia Pulp and Paper is also changing the way people think about how they use paper in general.

It’s All About Making the Switch

People are moving from plastic to paper in droves – not just because it helps their environment, but because it also helps them lower costs for consumers. It gives them more of what they want at a price they can afford.

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