New York skin solutions service review

New York skin solutions service review

Women are often judged by their appearance, especially their facial features and complexion. While lifestyle factors like diet, exercise, sleep affect the complexion to some extent, often hereditary factors determine whether a woman will have flawless skin. In addition to negative comments from friends, colleagues and others, women who have blemishes on their skin or dark circles find that their complexion can adversely affect their personal and professional life. Many women who have seen an advertisement for a skin treatment would like to check a New York skin solutions service review before opting for the treatment.

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New York skin solutions(abbreviated as NYSS) uses the latest technology and best products to provide solutions to skin problems of women in Singapore. The company was established in 2004 and has 12 outlets in different areas of Singapore. The company is famous for its highly effective skin treatment solutions, which often make a visible difference after only a single treatment. It offers a variety of skin care packages to address the more common skin problems like dry skin with pigmentation, dark circles, aging skin, acne , so that their customers can choose the right package.


Before starting the treatment, the staff at NYSS will do a detailed skin analysis so that the treatment can be customised accordingly. The hydro-collagen skin treatment is one of the most popular skincare packages, popular among women whose skin is looking dry, and have comedones which affect their appearance. Initially the skin will be cleaned to remove all the dirt and grime using a face mask and other techniques. In case the customer has comedones, blackheads or pimples, they are extracted using tweezers or manually squeezed out. To prevent inflammation of the skin, an anti-inflammatory lotion is then applied.

After this the collagen gel is applied to the face using ultrasound applicators. A small ultrasound applicator is used for the hard to reach areas, while a large applicator is recommended for the chin and other parts for slimming the jawline. After this the collagen is again applied to the skin using a brush. Then a clay mask is applied on the skin to remove any dirt or grime remaining. After this the mask is removed from the skin, and it is cleaned. Collagen is also used for treating dark circles, and additionally an eye mask is applied over the eyes, to improve the under-eye skin.


Though the treatment is considered very effective for improving the complexion of women, some women in Singapore cannot afford the skin treatments because they are rather expensive at approximately $180 per session. So to attract more customers and encourage women to try their skin treatment, The business is offering promotional treatments at a very attractive rate, often costing $28 or lower. If the customer feels that the treatment is making a significant difference, she can negotiate a treatment package for a year or longer period, for a long term solution to her skin problems. Depending on the treatment required, the customer will have two or three sessions every month.

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