What does Dolphin Cove Jamaica offer?

What does Dolphin Cove Jamaica offer?

Dolphin Cove Jamaica offers a unique possibility to swim and interact with dolphins in their natural habitat. Located on Jamaica’s north coast, this dolphin sanctuary spans 23 acres of protected cove and mangrove lagoon.

Key Takeaways

  • Swim with dolphins of their herbal habitat
  • Interact and play with the dolphins
  • Variety of dolphin swim programs to pick out from
  • Shark encounters and shark suggests additionally to be had
  • Beautiful, secluded region on Jamaica’s north coast

Some of the main points of interest and sports provided at Dolphin Cove Jamaica encompass:

Dolphin Encounters

Several dolphin swim and come across programs allow you to have interaction with the dolphins. The dolphins are very pleasant and playful. You can contact, dance, even kiss and hug those tremendous creatures. Popular dolphin swim alternatives consist of:

  • Dolphin Encounter – 15 mins of shallow water interaction
  • Swim Adventure – 30 minutes of swimming and gambling with the dolphins
  • Royal Swim Experience – An hour of one-of-a-kind dolphin time and interaction

Shark Encounters

In addition to the dolphins, Dolphin Cove gives shark encounters and shows. Species discovered here include nurse sharks, Caribbean reef sharks, and stingrays. Guests can contact and feed the sharks in shallow water from the protection of a submerged cage.

Picturesque Location

Dolphin Cove Jamaica is ready inside a lovely 23-acre cove with emerald mangroves and tropical foliage. The protected habitat lets visitors competently engage with marine natural world in crystal clear natural saltwater lagoons and ocean coves.

Other Attractions

Some different attractions determined at Dolphin Cove encompass glass bottom kayaking tours, a jungle trail walk, eating places, gift shops, and Arabian camel rides at the beach. There are five Dolphin Cove places in Jamaica to select from.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Dolphin Cove Jamaica placed?

There are five Dolphin Cove places in Jamaica – Ocho Rios, Montego Bay, Moon Palace Jamaica Grande, Puerto Seco Beach, and Dolphin Cove Yaaman. The most popular are Ocho Rios and Montego Bay on Jamaica’s north coast.

What is covered with dolphin swim applications?

All dolphin swim applications include interaction time with the dolphins, licensed trainers to manual the experience, mask and snorkels if wanted, lockers, towels, seating areas, and unfastened parking at Dolphin Cove. Professional photographs and video recordings are available for extra purchase.

How old do you want to be to swim with dolphins?

Children must be at least 6 years old and over forty lbs to participate in dolphin swims at Dolphin Cove Jamaica. Stingray City has no age necessities so younger kids can nevertheless have interaction with the stingrays.

Are there protection worries with dolphin and shark encounters?

Dolphin Cove takes every protection precaution with visitor interactions. All swims take location in waist-deep partitioned lagoons with trainers guiding the whole experience. Shark encounters arise from an underwater cage so visitors are usually separated from the sharks.

What ought to I put on and produce for dolphin swims?

Guests must put on cushty swimming wear. An underwater digital camera, alternate of clothes, biodegradable sunscreen (to protect dolphin pores and skin), towel, and lockers are also endorsed. The water is shallow at some stage in so no special abilties or scuba equipment is required.

Dolphin PackageTime with Dolphins# of ParticipantsPrice (USD)
Dolphin Encounter15 minutes6 human beings$99
Swim Adventurehalf-hour6 human beings$169
Royal Swim60 mins2 human beings$339

Why Go To Dolphin Cove Jamaica?

There are many reasons Dolphin Cove Jamaica is considered one of the fine dolphin habitats within the Caribbean:

  • Get up close with friendly dolphins of their secluded herbal surroundings
  • Chance to touch, dance, even kiss the dolphins
  • Crystal clear water makes for extremely good pics and motion pictures
  • Fun-filled day for households, couples, cruise visitors
  • Unique Jamaica revel in you gained’t discover everywhere else

So if you’re searching out a as soon as-in-a-lifetime dolphin and animal come upon in Jamaica, Dolphin Cove offers a magical enjoy best for every age.

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