Finding the Best Volleyball Shirts for Your Team

Finding the Best Volleyball Shirts for Your Team

Finding the best volleyball shirts for your team takes some thought and planning. Your uniforms don’t just distinguish your players on the court—they also reflect your program’s identity and boost team spirit. With so many factors to balance, from comfort to cost, it can get overwhelming to pick the perfect volleyball shirts. Use this definitive guide on choosing high-quality, customized uniforms that your players will be proud to wear.

Key Takeaways

  • The right volleyball shirts for your team should represent your team’s personality and values. Look for customizable options that allow you to add names, numbers, and slogans.
  • Comfort and functionality are crucial. Choose moisture-wicking performance fabrics that keep players cool and avoid restricting movement.
  • Pick a uniform style that fits your budget. Consider reversible jerseys, sublimated designs, or simple tee shirts.
  • Shop with vendors that offer inclusive sizing options to ensure the perfect fit for every player’s body type.
  • Don’t settle for boring! Express your team pride with fun prints, color schemes, motifs, and more on your volleyball shirts.

Comfort Counts

Volleyball demands constant movement and effort, so comfort should be your top priority when selecting shirts. Performance fabrics that wick moisture and allow maximum air flow are ideal for keeping players cool and dry during intense play. Lightweight materials that stretch and flex with an athlete’s body prevent restriction of movement. Consider fabrics like:

  • Polyester: Durable, quick-drying, and moisture-wicking.
  • Poly/spandex blends: Provide stretch and shape retention.
  • Mesh panels: Allow targeted ventilation.
  • Interlock knits: Soft, breathable cotton for casual wear.

Functionality and Design

While the fabric itself ensures comfort, design elements affect how well your shirts perform:

  • Loose fit: Allows free range of motion; not too baggy.
  • Raglan sleeves: Eliminate underarm seams for less chafing.
  • Crew neck: Prevents abrasion from collars.
  • Curved hems: Keep shirts tucked in and don’t come untucked as easily.

Factor in the climate where you play—sleeveless is great for hot locales, while long sleeves provide warmth for indoor courts.

Design AspectBenefit
Loose fitFull mobility
Raglan sleevesNo underarm chafing
Crew neckNo neck irritation
Curved hemKeeps shirt tucked

Customization and Style

Customization allows you to make your volleyball shirts distinct to your program. Many vendors offer:

  • Numbers on front and back
  • Player names
  • Iconic team slogans
  • Mascot prints
  • School logo designs
  • Color scheme options

This personalization promotes team unity and identity. Players feel a sense of belonging wearing shirts specially made for your squad.

Fun prints and colors also showcase your program’s personality. Go for bold hue combinations or prints with motifs like volleyballs, nets, or palm trees. Patterns are on-trend for athletic wear. Stripes, florals, tie dye, camo, and geometrics all inspire team spirit.

Budget Considerations

With multiple shirt options for various price points, you can likely find volleyball uniforms to align with your budget.

Reversible jerseys deliver two stylish looks in one for value and versatility. Often a solid color on one side and clever print on the reverse, players can switch up their style when they switch courts at halftime.

Sublimated designs provide stunning photo-quality graphics, names, and numbers dye sublimated into the fabric itself for maximum durability. The vibrant colors won’t crack or peel. Though more expensive than screen prints, a sublimated uniform conveys a polished, professional aesthetic.

Tee shirt uniforms offer an affordable way to outfit your team uniformly. Pick comfortable cotton or poly-blend tee shirts in your signature hues. Add vinyl heat press names and numbers to finish the look.

OptionPrice Range
Reversible Jersey$15-$30 per shirt
Sublimated Uniform$50-$150 per shirt
Tee Shirt Uniform$5-$15 per shirt

Sizing for Inclusion

Today’s athletic brands understand that bodies come in all shapes and sizes. Seek out vendors that offer wider size ranges, often available up to 5XL. Made-to-order shirts based on each player’s individual measurements also ensure proper fit. Choosing suppliers focused on inclusive sizing means that all your athletes feel comfortable and confident repping their team.

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