Top Prank Text Services To Get Revenge

Top Prank Text Services To Get Revenge

Many times, you found yourself helpless to get your beloved back or it can be your revenge time to return with interest but you are unable to perform as you want.

Cell phones are very private tools and it is unavoidable thing of modern age. It has become just like our body part and if it lost we suddenly fell into panic.

Put into your mind previous scenario and make your selected person to hate his beloved device.

It looks impossible if you are not well aware of some text prank services that we are going to discuss in coming lines.

It will be great enjoyment opportunity for you if you use your own cell phone to send these prank messages. But when you will send it by a number which is under your use, your identity will be revealed and the main purpose of prank would be compromised.

Another option is that you change your number by get new registration but it will not so much convenient for you, because it will restrict you to limited number of prank texts.  

After reading above discussion what should be your next option to overcome these hurdles. Fortunately there are bundle of websites that protect your identity and perform prank beyond your expectation.

Top three Recommended prank sites:

We went through multiple sites for this purpose and analyzed best ones for you. We have reviewed best picks for you that are given below. There are three portals that provide you awesome service according to our self experience they are best ones.

Number one site in our List:

We rank number one in our list because it is prank devil. It allows visitors to send massive amount of texts to a targeted number. It has huge database of phone numbers so no one can avoid it by blocking it. If your target will start blocking numbers it will also give tough time because it has multiple numbers. Nobody can avoid its attack by blocking it because of its huge phone number database. It will also secure your privacy and nobody will be able to understand who is behind this attack. It also allows phone calls spam along with text messages.  It has very funny database of texts to be sent but it also allows you to customize it with your own text.

Number two site in our List:

We rate number two in our list. It is similar to above said site but it also has ability to send images through text bombs. The funniest characteristic of this service is its images. You can bomb your friend with cat pictures or any other pictorial idea in your mind. It has classic funny profile of that shows craigslist phones and targets thinks it is craigslist listing which is causing disturbance. Your target starts searching on craigslist to but he will not be able to remove it because there is no advert on above said site in reality.

Number three site in our List:

We put on third number of our analysis because it is less harmful in sense of prank. It gives you opportunity to send informative facts and objects about different animals. You have to subscribe number of facts and type of facts with your targeted phone number. Now it’s time to sit back and enjoy the fun.

Other free prank sites that can be your next option

We also went through eleven other sites for this purpose and we categorized them in to two verities free and paid. Nine sites are free and two are premium. Furthermore we found following by experiencing them one by one. Some sites allow all over the world service but some are restricted to USA and Canada.

Free Prank sites:

Restricted to Specific country,, and are the sites that are restricted to specifically USA and Canada. They are good free services in these Tier 1 countries. All allows you to send texts without registration except first one. You can send as much text you want without paying a penny.

Worldwide allowed sites:,,, and are the sites that are not restricted to specific country. They allow you to send texts all around the globe. These sites have some unique features that we are going to describe in following lines.

You can send text without registering and without any limit of country and number.

It also has paid service that allows you to register and its starts from twenty dollars.

Its paid service is best for sms marketers because it has ability to attack hundreds of phone numbers with the help of excel list.

It also allows you to customize different fields in paid category.

This service allows you to send above one Lac text in a turn on daily basis all around the world. It is unique service of its kind. It is very user friendly you can do your prank in bunch of clicks. It is also good for sms marketing.

It is one of best rated prank sites all around the world. It is easy to use, all countries supported, free and anonymous services. It not only hides your identity but also have strict policy about commitment of not disclosure of senders information.

It is best to prank with your belongings. It has strict policy about your privacy. It allows you to send text all around the world without paying a penny.

It is registration free around the globe supported free service.  It

Some awesome Premium prank sites

We have discussed different free prank options and their characteristics. Now we will take some premium prank sites and their tremendous services. We have analyzed and

It is great premium service with unique features. One of its features is the auto location recognition system which prepares service according to your region and location with a blink of eye. Its login system provides you a pin which can be bought online and that’s it. It is great site with huge anonymous options. Your identity will be hidden and also you can enter any phone number to show it as sender. If you are in serious by taking prank then it will be best option for you. You can even enter the receiver phone number as sender which will definitely surprise your target beyond your expectations. Different high paying phone number spoofing services charges high amounts but it’s very unique service that allows you to perform perfectly.

It has bunch of presets that helps user to select one without wasting time according to his mind. Preset profiles consist of Valentine’s Day, New Year, and according to different common events. Its message can contain one hundred and sixty characters but if you have need to send more than it you can perform but in different parts. There are also style profiles available. You can switch style of fond between Unicode and Latin.

We have used experience and feel procedure to carry out this analysis which is best one for creating awesome content for you. We have mentioned our recommendations in early lines to save the time of the reader and also provided different options according to the need difference of user.

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