Sick Drifting

Sick Drifting Action from the Comfort of Your PC

Drifting fans have it hard. In order to get hands-on with their favorite activity, they need access to a car. And, unless it’s a car they own, they probably won’t be doing anything crazy in it. Your parents probably won’t want to replace those tires after you slip and slide through that empty parking lot.

All hope is not lost, drifting fans! Drift Hunters 2 is here to save the day. This in-depth drifting game has plenty of content and realistic drifting mechanics that will keep even the most veteran drifter happy. If you want the best drifting experience you can have outside of an actual car, here or some of the features offered by Drift Hunters 2.

A Full Game, Free-To-Play

Drift Hunters 2 is no joke. It is a complete game full of content that is built on the Unity Engine. You know, the same Unity Engine at the heart of games like Rust and Cuphead. The extreme flexibility of the engine allows Drift Hunters 2 to be a complete experience that runs well on any computer, regardless if you have the latest hardware or not.

Awesome Cars and Tracks

You can’t drift without nice cars, and thankfully Drift Hunters 2 has a garage full of cars for you to unlock and push to the limit. Cars like the Mazda RX-7 and Nissan GTR stand side-by-side with classics like the Nissan 240SX and the Porsche 911 GT. Even better, each car can be upgraded with new, more potent parts that will make them faster than their stock incarnations.

There are also 10 tracks for you to unleash these cars’ true potential on. Each one has been carefully designed to be drift-lovers paradises and take you to lush locations that provide plenty of things to look at while you slide around.


Drift Hunters 2 also lets you make each car you unlock truly your own. Take your rides to the Tuning menu to change their camber, offset, brake pressure and balance, and even the height of the vehicle. Due to the advanced physics system employed by Drift Hunters 2, each of those changes will have tangible effects on your gameplay by altering how your car handles certain situations.

If you get bored with your favorite car’s factory paint job, you can even repaint them with any color you like, and choose from 4 different paint types to further customize it. Metallic, Gloss, Matte, and Chrome are all available for you to choose from.

All in Your Browser

The best part about Drift Hunters 2, besides all of the content and gameplay, is the fact that the entire experience runs within a web browser. No need for the latest hardware or a video game console, you can play Drift Hunters 2 on that old laptop you have laying around. All of these things combined make Drift Hunters 2 a game drift junkies should be aware of.

After you spend some time in Drift Hunters 2, you should also check out Drift Hunters MAX. The sequel to Drift Hunters adds new cars and tracks, overhauls the graphics, and even adds an account system to allow for game saving.

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