The Pokemon Grand Underground

The Pokemon Grand Underground

The Pokemon Grand Underground is a new and improved version of the Pokemon underground in Diamond and Pearl.

This blog post will talk about what you need to do to get started, including how to make a base for your team, how to find treasures and rare Pokemon, and much more!

The Grand Underground is the setting for Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum. It’s home to both Sinnoh’s cities and the wide variety of environments within the region.

Comprised of natural caverns underneath towns and cities, it can truly be described as a grand underground.

“Grand Underground…What is this mysterious place? One thing is for sure, you can find a lot of valuable items here.”

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The Grand Underground is the new underground in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl. It’s a large fort that can be upgraded with items found underground.

The fort has one entrance and exits to the east, south, and east.

Our Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Grand Underground walkthrough will cover everything you need to know about this cool new area.

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About Grand Underground 

The Grand Underground is a location situated underneath the whole Sinnoh area in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl.

The Exploration Kit, which can be discovered in Eterna City, will enable you to go to the Grand Underground.

In the following lines, you will have the ability to learn just what it is and what you can do there.


The Explorer Kit is given to you by an old man who lives next door to the Pokémon Center in Eterna City. You can’t leave town without obtaining it first.

You can access the Explorer Kit in the backpack of your Pokémon. While using it, you can see hidden things on your current map.

This helps you track down hidden items and wild Pokémon. For example: if you suspect there might be a hidden item or Pokémon nearby, open up the Explorer Kit and tap the nearby area.

The screen will then zoom in on that spot and show any items or Pokémon that are in the immediate area.

How do you construct a hidden base?

As soon as players own a Digger Drill, they may install a foundation in any wall inside the Grand Underground. They need to return to the old gentleman in Eterna City once they have dug up any treasure for the first time, and he will ask you to settle anyone Pokemon in the foundation.

From that point forward, there will be a Pokemon waiting for you whenever players enter an unoccupied base location. You could even occupy more than one place at once!

Once you build your base, which can hold up to four statues, you can place any statues you dig up inside to decorate. Each statue increases the rate at which certain Pokémon appear in the Grand Underground.

You may also upgrade your base using Base Upgrades—but don’t expect it to happen easily…you’ll

To create a large tunnel in which to establish a base, click the A key on the wall. After players have finished building their foundation, they can adorn it with any statues they have dug up.

How do you construct a hidden base?


If you are looking for Pokémon that are hard to find, you are sure to encounter many rare Pokémon in the Grand Underground. 

There are lots of rare Pokémon that weren’t available until Diamond & Pearl or Platinum.  

If you want a Magnemite, Togepi, Ralts, or other Pokémon that were in the Platinum Pokédex, the Grand Underground is your place to look.

Pokémon found in Pokémon-specific Biomes rarely stray far from their homes, and only come out of hiding when you’re nearby.

It can sometimes take a little while for a Pokémon to appear if it’s not in its home environment! Once you find the Pokémon, walk close enough to make it pop out.

Be careful—some Pokémon are better at hiding than others!

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Bottom Line

The Grand Underground is an empty area with no Pokemon to fight or harvest. The only thing it offers is the chance to build a base, but at this point, you’ll be hard-pressed to find anything enticing about it.

That’s because, according to one of the game’s developers on Twitter, Niantic’s intention is to fill the underground with more events in the future.

It also wants to fill it with rarer Pokemon—including legendaries like Mew and Mewtwo—and items that players can’t find elsewhere in the game.

So if you want access to these future updates before everyone else gets them, getting there first may be your best bet—just don’t expect any real adventure down there for now.

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