Best Horror Movies of All Time

The Best Horror Movies of All Time

More filmmakers have been releasing some outstanding horror films every year. Whether you love gruesome gore or simply want to scare yourself silly, horror films are a great way to get the blood and chills flowing.

Listed below are some of the best horror of all time that we are sure you are going to enjoy. You can watch these films anytime without interruption unless you have a faulty internet connection. Don’t fret; we have a solution! You can choose from any suitable CenturyLink internet plans to watch your horror film without any glitches.

The Exorcist

This classic horror movie is a masterpiece by William Friedkin and is one of the most famous in its genre. Despite being 40 years old, the film has a haunting atmosphere that will remain with you long after watching it. The ending will make you feel uneasy, but the story will keep you hooked until the end. The movie is a must-see for horror fans of all ages.


Director-writer Ari Aster made a giant impact with his directorial debut with this dark, family drama that explores the nature of sorrow, set in a horror movie with supernatural elements. Toni Collette got a place in the pantheon of countless Oscar snubs as bedeviled mother Annie. Nonetheless the movie’s biggest shockwave came courtesy of… Well, we won’t destroy that here. It’s enough to say that Hereditary hit a chord with the audience that it transformed Aster into a filmmaker that you would look forward to.

The Conjuring

James Wan made a name for himself among the contemporary masters of horror, directing films like Dead Silence, Insidious, Saw, and this one based on the experiences of real-life paranormal investigators, Ed and Lorraine Warren. The Warrens are best known in their involvement with the bizarre investigation that was the basis for The Conjuring and the Amityville Horror movies (which was a key part of the film The Conjuring 2) and The Conjuring 2, were played in the film by Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga who anchored the effective jump scares and freaky moments by presenting a convincing world-weariness. With each other, Wan and his fellow co-arrivals created a new level of terror from classic genre tropes, and the result was an extensive film universe that is only continuing to expand.

A Quiet Place

Another horror genre classic is John Krasinski’s masterpiece. Set in a small town, the Abbott family lives in a house with a strange noise in the background. The film uses new film audio techniques to create a surreal and engaging experience. The ending of the movie is a gruesome, terrifying spectacle.


James Wan has already been shown as a top choice. However, before when the duo of Patrick Wilson made The Conjuring together, they collaborated in this supernatural thriller about an innocent boy who slips into a coma, and then begins to channel the spirit of a demon. The basic elements of the tale weren’t the most innovative however regular Wan co-worker Leigh Whannell infused it with an intriguing enough mythology that it led to three additional installments.

 Wan added his belief that the story, Insidious was intended to be an antidote to the blatant physical violence in Saw that inspired him to write something more spiritual level. The result is a genuinely terrifying chiller that is widely regarded as one of the greatest jump scares to ever hit the screen.


Scott Derrickson had racked up some horror films, several of which gained cult-like followings. The most famous of these was a small-scale haunted house/possession film that follows a true-crime writer (Ethan Hawke). He relocates his wife and children into a home in which a family has been murdered but then realizes that the house may have a shady tenant. 

The writer C. Robert Cargill was reported to be the one who wrote the script by the nightmare he experienced after viewing The Ring, and the tale does have some similarities with the film, thanks to the disturbing film-snuff angle. For many who watched this film, its dramatic scenes and creepy sets beat any genre tropes from the past that could have been in the film. 

Texas Chainsaw’s

This low-budget film was directed and written by Tobe Hooper. The crime from Ed Gein loosely inspired it. Texas Chainsaw’s dark and gritty style gave authenticity to the film that made it even more terrifying. The terrifying character that is Gunnar Hansen’s Leatherface set the stage for others like Michael Myers and Jason Voorhees. Numerous efforts have been made to inject new life into the series -and there’s a new one coming soon; however, none has been as good as the original in its absolute, outrageous terrifying power tool-inspired apocalypse.

The Ring

The film was a remake of Japanese director Hideo Nakata’s critically acclaimed thriller that revolved around a cursed film tape. Verbinski’s version retained the striking visuals — the ghostly figure of a girl wearing a white dress with black hair that smacked across her face. She also discovered that it terrified the viewers to the core regardless of their origins. Although the film was not so well-respected as the original, this film does feature an enthralling performance by the young and promising Naomi Watts, and for many, it was the first debut to East Asian horror cinema.


The best horror movies are those that are scary and suffocating. It is a genre that focuses on realism. Hence, it is both subversive and mainstream. Its creators have mastered the art of using fear as a weapon. Some classic films redefined the genre, and some of the best horror films are timeless and universal.

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