Springfree Trampolines: An Investment in Fun and Safety 

Springfree Trampolines: An Investment in Fun and Safety 

Are you looking for a way to bring some fun and excitement into your backyard this summer? Look no further than the Springfree Trampoline! Not only will these trampolines provide hours of entertainment for the entire family, but they also ensure that everyone stays safe while doing it. Let’s take a look at why investing in one of these trampolines is a smart decision for any homeowner.

What Sets Springfree Trampolines Apart? 

For starters, Springfree trampolines are designed to maximize safety while keeping kids entertained. Their patented design eliminates dangerous springs and hard edges, making them much safer than traditional trampolines. This means that even small children can jump around without worrying about getting injured.  Additionally, their frames are made from fiberglass rods rather than steel, which helps absorb impact and reduce noise levels.  Finally, their signature SoftEdge mat adds an extra layer of protection by providing cushioning when kids land on the edges of the trampoline.  With all these features combined, it’s no wonder why so many parents are choosing to invest in a Springfree trampoline for their home.  

Size Matters 

Springfree offers a variety of sizes from 8ft x 11ft all the way up to 16ft x 20ft, with several other sizes available in between. This makes it easy to find a trampoline that fits perfectly into your outdoor space without taking up too much room or infringing on your neighbors’ property line. Additionally, because each model comes with its own set of accessories like basketball hoops and tetherball sets, you can customize your backyard play area however you like! 

Safety First 

The most important feature of any trampoline is safety—and Springfree Trampolines have been designed with safety in mind from the start. Springfree Trampolines do not use spring-based suspension, which is known to cause injuries due to the tension on those springs when users jump or land incorrectly on them. Instead, these high-quality trampolines use a patented FlexiNet system that provides a safe, stress-free jumping experience without compromising performance or stability. In addition, there are no hard edges exposed—all the frame and poles are surrounded by soft mats so there is nothing that could cause injury if someone falls off of it.  

Durability and Longevity

In addition to being safe, Springfree Trampolines also boast superior durability and longevity compared to other brands. The frames are made from heavy duty steel that has been treated with corrosion-resistant coating for added protection against wear and tear over time. The mat is made from thick, UV-resistant material and is double stitched for extra strength—so you can rest assured knowing your investment will last for years to come! 

Variety of Models 

When shopping for a trampoline, you want something that will fit your needs and lifestyle perfectly—and Springfree Trampolines offers several different models in various sizes to accommodate everyone’s needs! From small circle models perfect for toddlers, all the way up to full size rectangular models suitable for older children or even adults—there’s something here for everyone! No matter what type of trampoline you choose, you can rest easy knowing that you made the right decision in selecting a Springfree model!  

The Benefits Of Buying A Springfree Trampoline 

When purchasing any type of large item online there is always risk involved – Will I get what I paid for? Is it going to be worth my money? With a Springfree trampoline these worries are quickly put to rest as each purchase comes with an incredible 10-year warranty covering frame defects and more! It also has an outstanding customer service team ready to help with any issues that might arise throughout ownership. And lastly, if you ever decide to sell your trampoline down the road then it will hold its value amazingly well due to its durable construction and timeless designs. 


Investing In A Springfree Trampoline Is A Smart Move For Homeowners  All in all, there are many reasons why buying a Springfree trampoline is such an amazing investment for homeowners who want to add some fun activities into their backyard space without sacrificing safety or quality. From its patented design elements that eliminate hard edges and springs all the way up to its industry leading 10-year warranty – this purchase is sure to give you years of family fun! So don’t wait any longer – start shopping around today and find the perfect size Springfree trampoline for your backyard oasis!

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