How to Ship Your Car to Another State

How to Ship Your Car to Another State: How Much Time, Safety, & More

If you are considering shipping your car across state lines, it is essential that you understand what to expect in terms of time and procedures.

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The time it takes to ship your car depends on a variety of factors. Perhaps most notable among them is its distance between its pick-up location and destination – the longer this journey is, the longer it will take an auto transport carrier to complete.

An additional factor is the type of vehicle you own; some vehicles may cost more than others to ship (source: For instance, compact cars tend to be less costly to ship than SUVs or pickup trucks, and loading one with personal belongings will increase weight and thus increase cost.

Noticing the cost of auto shipping quotes varies dramatically among companies and it is wise to get several estimates before selecting one. A reliable company should ask about all your vehicle shipping needs before providing an instantaneous, accurate cost estimate for them, which typically include ETAs.

When comparing prices and ETAs, make sure to factor in how well protected your car will be during transport. While open transport will typically be less expensive than enclosed, both provide protection from environmental damage and road debris.

Choose an off-peak shipping date between October and April when rates are typically reduced due to climate and reduced auto shipping demand, and ship your vehicle via open carrier, which offers the cheapest state-to-state transport method and will definitely be fastest.


Car shipping has become an increasingly popular way to transport vehicles across the country, yet many may not understand that its process involves strict protocols and safety precautions. Here are some tips to prepare your vehicle for transport.

To ensure it gets there safely, start by cleaning and inspecting your vehicle, so as to identify any damage before it occurs. Take clear photos of it as well, write down its odometer reading, disable alarms and remove personal belongings that could be stolen.

In the long run, this will save money as transport companies do not cover personal items like this one. Remove roof racks or spoilers that may cause damage during transport as these could also add unwanted weight to the car and empty its gas tank so as to reduce potential excess weight issues.

When choosing an auto shipper, make sure to read reviews online and request references before selecting one. Look out for accreditation and insurance coverage to make sure you’re working with a dependable business, according to this link. It is also wise to consider which vehicle type needs shipping along with any unique specifications it might need shipping under as this will ensure a successful transaction.

Car shipping from state to state may be costly, but it is a safe and hassle-free way of moving your vehicle across state lines. This allows you to focus on other moving tasks without being distracted by concerns regarding its condition during transport. Open and enclosed carriers as well as rail shipment are among the options available for state-to-state car shipping services.

No matter which delivery method you select, it is wise to be prepared for delays in delivery. These could be caused by weather or traffic, delaying its arrival. Having extra keys available could also help prevent theft while providing fast access back into your vehicle after long stretches during transit.



As part of your move or transportation, saving both time and money when shipping your car requires booking it well in advance. Booking early gives you time to compare prices and services before choosing the ideal solution for you – plus it could even allow you to secure guaranteed pricing that eliminates risk mid-shipment! Always ask any prospective shipping company what insurance policies they provide!

Reputable companies should readily provide proof of insurance and answer all of your inquiries about it. Any hesitation to do so when you need to ship car to another state should be seen as a red flag. You should also inquire with your private auto insurer as to whether they will cover your vehicle while being transported across state lines.

As soon as your vehicle reaches its destination, it is imperative that you inspect it and document any damages. Be sure to inspect both its interior and exterior from all angles and write any observations on its bill of lading if there are any. Take photos immediately so a claim can be filed with the carrier if needed.

Shipping your car requires careful consideration when moving long distance or cross-country. It’s crucial that all relevant factors, such as mileage, traffic conditions and potential delays, are taken into account. Your vehicle should be prepared for transport by clearing away personal items and cleaning it thoroughly – this will help ensure its readiness upon pickup and in good condition for use upon pickup.

When selecting a car shipping company, be sure to investigate their reputation and customer reviews thoroughly. Also look for one with door-to-door delivery capabilities and licensed and insured status; additionally it would be prudent to book as early as possible in order to avoid last minute rushes and costly surcharges.

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