Myths About Private Jet Companies

Busting The Myths About Private Jet Companies

You can probably take a guess at who can afford private jets. It’s rock stars, mega-rich celebrities, the CEOs of Fortune 500 Companies and top government officials. The fact is, however, that these scenarios are largely a myth.

While it’s true that societal elites and high-government operators comprise a substantial portion of private jet flights, this amazingly convenient form of air travel is used by a much wider swath of the traveling public. Take a look at some of the most widespread and persistent myths about private jet companies.

1. It’s Only for Multimillionaires

Just not true. Many private parties regularly engage the services of a private jet by finding ways to fill every seat and split the costs. Also, the truly pricey flights are long-range trips. Shorter trips of just a few hours bear prices that are within reach for folks in the non-millionaire demographic.

2. Less Safe Than Traveling by Mainstream Commercial Carrier

Some industry observers in the aviation sector make the case that private jet travel is actually safer than flying a commercial airline. It depends on how one reads the statistics. However, all agree that, at the very least, private jet travel is equally as safe as flying with any of the top or medium-range carriers.

Based on raw data that looks at three factors –- aircraft, maintenance and crew -– the numbers show that both private jets and commercial airliners have equal safety records.

3. Booking a Private Jet is a Hassle

Booking a regular commercial flight is easy (most of the time) because the system for buying a ticket has evolved over decades to service millions of people at a fast rate. But the truth is that booking a private jet is generally even easier.

The reason is that private jet companies only need to focus on one small party at a time. That means personalized attention and taking care of all the details for clients.

That includes quick ways to plan an itinerary and determine flight times and costs. For example, searching for a private jet charter in Chicago instantly calls up a private jet cost calculator and provides an instant quote.

Private jet companies compete heavily for passengers. They know that those providing the most convenient, simple service are the flight service that “win the game.”

4. Bad Weather Means Private Flight is Canceled

This is rarely only true. Private jets have distinct advantages over commercial airlines regarding severe weather. For example, it’s far easier for a private jet to fly above or around a severe thunderstorm to keep a trip safe and on schedule.

Another example is deicing. The big commercial jets may be delayed for hours while the plane is cleared of ice. The same job is handled quickly for a small private jet. From fog to rain and high winds, private jets tend to handle these conditions with a skill unmatched by the big carriers.

5. Owning a Private Jet is the Only Affordable Option

Another persistent myth about private jets is that buying one is the only way to use them cost-effectively. This is easily provable as a false buy by simply crunching a few basic numbers.

First, the cost of even the smallest private jet model is from $1.1 million to $5.5 million. The price goes way up, and sharply, from there. Private jets owned by individuals often sit in a hangar for days, earning no passenger income. Owners also face numerous fees, taxes, regulations and ongoing maintenance costs.

Hiring a private jet when one is needed means the passenger is free from all the tasks, details and necessary paperwork of owning. Even many folks in the super wealthy economic strata prefer to hire private jet travel as they need it. It’s just as convenient and cheaper overall.

Take a Second Look

Too many people automatically reject private jet travel as an alternative to flying commercially. That’s not surprising considering the many myths that have created a false mystique around this super convenient and safe option for air travel.

A bit of research, checking with a provider in your area and getting a price quote may quickly change your mind about private jet companies.

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