How Old Is Mirabel In Encanto

How Old Is Mirabel In Encanto [2022 update]

If you’re a fan of Disney movies, then you’re probably wondering how old Mirabel is in the new film, Encanto. Well, we’ve got the answer for you! In this article, we will tell you all about Mirabel’s age and how she relates to other characters in the film.

We’ll also give you a sneak peek at some of the scenes from the movie. So read on to find out everything you need to know about How Old Is Mirabel In Encanto!

Who is Mirabel?

Mirabel is a beautiful and talented young woman who has captured the hearts of people all around the world. Known for her amazing singing voice and stunning good looks, she is one of the most popular rising stars in the music industry today.

Originally from the United States, Mirabel began her career by posting videos of herself singing covers of popular songs on YouTube. Her talent quickly caught the attention of major record labels, and she was soon signed to a record contract.

Since debuting her first album, Mirabel has topped charts worldwide and sold out arenas on her global tour. She has won numerous awards, including several Grammy Awards, and is beloved by fans of all ages. In addition to her musical talents, Mirabel is also an accomplished actress, having starred in several films and television shows.

Most recently, she has lent her voice to the character of Princess Elena in the Disney film Encanto.

About Encanto:

It is a Walt Disney Studios film that will be released on November 3, 2021.

The film is set in Colombia and follows the story of a young girl named Mirabel who has the ability to sing. When Mirabel’s father is taken away by the government, she must find a way to save him and her family. With the help of her friends, she sets out on an adventure to make her dreams come true.

Plot and Characters:

Disney’s upcoming film Encanto is set in a magical South American city where everyone has magical abilities. The film follows the story of Mia, a girl who discovers her own latent powers and must learn to control them in order to save her family and prevent the city from being taken over by a villainous governor.

The plot of Encanto sounds like it will be very exciting, as Mia will have to use all her newly discovered powers to save her loved ones and defeat the evil governor. From what we know so far, it seems like the film will have a lot of heart and be full of action, adventure, and comedy.


  • Mirabel is the main character
  • Abuela Alma Madrigal, she is the grandmother of Mirabel
  • Julieta Madrigal, she is the mother of Mirabel
  • Agustín Madrigal, father of Mirabel
  • 21 years old Isabela Madrigal the eldest sister
  • 5 year old Antonio Madrigal he is cousin of Mirabel

How Old Is Mirabel In Encanto?

Encanto Mirabel is a 15-year-old in the movie. However, in real life, the actress who plays her, Sofia Carson is 26 years old.

Carson was born on April 16, 1993, which makes her a Taurus. She is of Colombian descent and can speak Spanish fluently.

At this time, there is not a definitive answer to how old Mirabel is in Encanto. However, according to IMDb, the actress who plays Mirabel (played by Eva Longoria) is 38 years old. So it is safe to say that she is in her late twenties or early thirties in the film.

Do we hope we provided an answer to the question Is Encanto Characters age? If you have any additional inquiries, please let us know. We were unable to list all of them because there are more than 20 characters. As many characters as possible were aged according to the supplied information.


In conclusion, while we may not know exactly how old Mirabel is in Encanto, we can safely say that she is in her late twenties or early thirties.

We hope you enjoyed this article and found it helpful. If you have any additional questions about the film or its characters, please let us know in the comments below.


How old is Mirabel and her sisters in Encanto?

Mirabel is 15 years old in the movie. Her sisters are Isabela (21 years old), Julieta (mother, not stated age), and Agustin (father, not stated age).

Is Mirabel older than Camilo?

No, she is not older than Camilo.

What are the ages of the characters in Encanto?

The ages of the characters in Encanto are as follows:

Mirabel is 15 years old, her sisters are Isabela (21 years old), Julieta (mother, not stated age), and Agustin (father, not stated age), Camilo is 18 years old, and Governor Escobar is 45 years old.

Who is the oldest in Encanto?

The oldest in Encanto is Isabela Madrigal, who is 21 years old.

Is Mirabel adopted?

We are not able to confirm whether or not Mirabel is adopted in Encanto. However, it is not mentioned in the film, so it is likely that she is not.

Is Isabella or Luisa older?

It is not clear who is older. Some say Isabella was born first, while others claim Luisa was born first.

How old is Abuela Alma in Encanto?

Abuela Alma is 88 years old in Encanto.

How old is Luisa in Encanto?

In Encanto, Luisa is around 26 years old. She’s a bit younger than her husband, IIIiad (who’s 28), but age isn’t really something that matters much to her.

What is Mirabel power in Encanto?

Mirabel is a powerful young woman with a variety of magical abilities in Encanto. These include the ability to fly, shoot beams of light from her hands, and transform into other creatures.

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