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How Many Months Of Current Affairs Are Sufficient For BPSC Syllabus?

How to prepare for the BPSC Current events? How many months of current affairs will be covered under the BPSC exam? What are the best sources to prepare for current affairs? These are the pressing questions for every aspirant preparing for the BPSC exam.

Current affairs is an incredibly significant section in both BPSC Prelims and Mains exam. Also, it is one of the highest-scoring categories. The weightage of this section is turning higher and higher with each passing year. Therefore, students who prepare for the Bihar state exam should stay abreast of current affairs.

Here are the answers to some of the most searched questions to prepare the current affairs for BPSC 2022 exam:

What areas of current affairs should be paid more attention for BPSC Exam?

Current affair is quite a wide section. It touches almost every area on a state, national and international level. While BPSC can ask questions from any field, it mainly focuses on schemes and programs, awards, books, MSP, national affairs, international affairs, national and international appointments, companies in news, persons in news, summits, defence, missile, space, important days and environment. You also need to be thorough with the BPSC syllabus to be able to crack current affairs questions.

What are the best sources to prepare for the BPSC exam?

Reading the daily newspapers is not enough to prepare for the current affairs section. Candidates need to refer to the several best sources for the failsafe preparation.

  • The best tip to prepare for the current affairs is to consistently go through the daily newspaper and weekly/monthly magazines.
  • Also, read PIB and PRS releases regularly. 
  • Stay updated with the upcoming events and digital platforms that spread information.
  • Watch the news daily and keep a tab on national and international events, programmes, and other happenings.
  • You should also refer to the editorials part of your daily newspaper, particularly for the economy part. 
  • Stay tuned to AIR (all India radio) for the latest news related to RSTV’s Big Picture, Spotlight/Discussion, Misc. etc.
  • Sign up for the newsletter of a renowned news website that gives relevant information.
  • Join reputed online coaching like BYJU’S Exam Prep for expert assistance and getting weekly/monthly current affairs.

What are some best tips for preparing for current affairs for BPSC Exam?

  • Prioritize quality over quantity. Don’t stock up on several books for the preparation. Find out some best sources and make notes from them.
  • Don’t waste your valuable time browsing the internet or scrolling through your social media feed. Simply sign up to a reputed portal that provides the best preparation classes for competitive exams, including BPSC.
  • Reading newspapers is a good preparation strategy, but don’t spend too much time going through every column. Else, you will not get enough time to prepare for other subjects covered in the BPSC exam. Ideally, 1 to 2 hours daily is enough for reading newspapers.
  • While reading the newspapers, keep an eye on motivational quotes, axioms, and examples. Make a note of every quote you like. It will help you write impressive essays in the exam and impress recruiters during the interview round.
  • Revise periodically, and to check your knowledge retention capability, take a practice test.

Online and offline platforms compile an unmeasurable amount of current affairs content. Covering everything is not a realistic approach. Therefore, students should focus on some best sources, online coaching centres, and study materials for systematic preparation.

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