Hair Replacement Systems

Hair Replacement Systems

Here are the key things to know about hair replacement systems:

  • Hair systems add realistic hair to cover thinning spots or baldness
  • Made with real human hair or synthetic fibers woven into a base
  • Bonded with tape or adhesive to existing hair and scalp
  • Options like toupees, hairpieces, weaves, and full wigs
  • Custom systems are fitted to your head for a natural look
  • Maintenance includes cleaning, styling, and reapplication
  • Leading brands like KTS Hair offer high quality customized systems

Hair replacement systems provide an effective solution for men and women experiencing hair loss or thinning hair. Advanced systems from reputable brands can improve appearance and self-confidence.

What Are Hair Replacement Systems?

Hair replacement systems, also called hairpieces or hair systems, add hair fullness and coverage to areas of the scalp affected by baldness or thinning hair. They are an alternative hair loss solution to medical treatments like medications and hair transplantation.

There are a few main types of hair systems:

  • Toupees – Partial hair systems just covering bald spot on crown
  • Hairpieces – Add volume around temples, bangs, or top of head
  • Integration systems – Blend with existing hair for seamless appearance
  • Full wigs – Cover the entire scalp from front to nape

Hair replacement systems consist of a breathable mesh base with integrated human hair or synthetic fibers. The base uses adhesive to bond securely and invisibly to the scalp.

The hair fibers are intricately injected, tied, or woven into the base to mimic natural hair direction and density. This creates a realistic hairline and parting for a full head of hair.

KTS Hair Replacement Systems

KTS is a leading hair replacement system provider known for high quality customized hair systems.

Some benefits of KTS hair systems include:

  • Use 100% Remy human hair for the most natural look and feel
  • Fully customized systems based on a mold of your unique head shape
  • Ultra thin skin bases with undetectable mesh edges
  • Can be worn for weeks at a time with proper care
  • Bonded with medical grade adhesive for secure attachment
  • Natural hairlines and density for seamless appearance
  • Systems designed for active lifestyles
  • Made in the USA

Getting a Hair Replacement System

The process of getting a custom hair system involves:

Hair and Scalp Analysis

Your hair loss pattern, scalp condition, and existing hair are analyzed to design the right system.

Head Measurement

Precise measurements are taken of your head shape, features, and contours.

Hair System Order and Creation

Using the analysis and measurements, a customized hair system is designed and crafted.

System Fitting

At a final fitting, the system is trimmed, colored, and adjusted for optimal fit, alignment, and comfort.

Application Training

You receive in-depth guidance on properly applying, removing, and caring for the system.

Maintaining and Caring for Hair Systems

Proper maintenance is key to making hair systems look natural and last long:

  • Gently wash and condition the hair 1-2 times per week
  • Use adhesive remover wipes to safely detach the system
  • Have the system reapplied every 2-6 weeks by a professional
  • Limit chemical services like coloring, perming, or relaxing
  • Use low heat when blow drying or styling the hair
  • Switch out adhesive tape every 1-2 weeks

Regular maintenance, combined with avoiding damage from chemicals, heat, and oils will extend the longevity of the system.

Benefits of Hair Replacement Systems

Some of the many advantages of hair systems include:

  • Restore the look of fuller, thicker hair
  • Customizable density and hairline shape
  • Solution for all levels and types of hair loss
  • Non-surgical option that is removable
  • Boost self-confidence and youthful appearance
  • Well-suited for active lifestyles
  • Undetectable when properly fitted and maintained
  • More affordable than transplants or medications

High quality customized hair systems are an accessible hair loss solution for men and women seeking to regain confidence in their appearance.

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