Buzz Cut Hairstyle Guide

Buzz Cut Hairstyle Guide & How To The Buzz Cut

Since the invention of the electric clipper, the buzz cut has become and remained one of the most popular hairstyle choices for men. The haircut will suit gents looking for an easy to manage, low maintenance hair-do. You can understand why the buzz cut is the cut of choice for most new army recruits.

The buzz cut works especially well for people looking to accentuate facial features, though might be worth avoiding if you’re looking to conceal, rather than accentuate certain features, particularly bigger ears.

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There are several types of buzz cut that you might want to consider, some easier than others, but on the whole, the buzz cut is a pretty simple style to learn to cut for yourself.

Types of Buzz Cut

A buzz cut isn’t necessarily taking a set of clippers with a number one guide and shaving all over, although this is one popular choice known as a skinhead cut. You might also want to consider:

Crew Cut

A crew cut describes a buzz cut that leaves the hair longest at the front, and graduates to the shortest at the crown of the head.

Butch Cut

A butch cut is a typical marine cut. On the butch cut the hair is cut to an equally short length all over without any variation, graduation, or fading.

Flat Top

On a flat top, the hair on top is left much longer than on the previous styles. The top hair is still buzzed by the clipper, forming a flat-looking surface atop the head.

Ivy League

A more sophisticated buzz cut, the Ivy League is a type of crew cut where the top is left long enough so that the middle can be parted. The ivy league cut can be worn more to one side than the other, be pushed forward like a crew cut, backward, or parted in the middle.
There are also a variety of ways of cutting the sides, you can keep them consistent with the top, or make them shorter, fades, blends, and steps are also popular choices with buzz-cut hairstyles.

Tools that you’ll need

You won’t need much to cut your own buzz cut, but a great set of hair clippers is key. You’ll also need a stand-alone mirror, and one handheld mirror for the back. Dependent on the length you desire you’ll need appropriate blade guides, and ear tape/guides. For longer cuts, you might also want a comb for the top part.

Now that you’ve got all the necessary equipment, it’s time to do that buzz cut!

Step by Step

  • Choose your desired length, if in doubt go up one size with the clipper guide, you can always take it shorter later.
  • With your chosen guide length attached you’re ready to begin, so first start with the sides, running upward from the bottom with the clipper, and keeping your spare hand at the top of your head to ensure you don’t accidentally cut into the top.
  • Next up is the hardest part, the back. If you have any friends around you might want to ask for help, otherwise it’s time to get stuck in. Again rise from bottom to top with your spare hand protecting the top. Once you’ve completed one cycle over the back, check with the mirror and even out.
  • Now you can move on to the top of the head. Much of the time you’ll want to keep the top a little longer, so attach the desired length guide, and cut in straight lines from front to back. This part is easy.
  • Finally remove the blade guard, check the back again with your mirror, and carefully begin to shave off the fuzzy little bits of hair at the top of your neck. When this is done, you’re finished, and look like a new man. Congratulations!

Once you’ve mastered your first attempt at self-styling you’ll never go back. It feels great to be able to cut your own hair, as well as the hair of friends and family. Also, don’t forget about all the money you’ll be saving over a lifetime, you’ll be surprised how much!

Once you’re confident with your basic buzz cut you’ll also be free to try out more advanced varieties of the cut, and will be able to experiment for the first time with your hair.

Finally, you’ll become the master of your own hair, there will be no hassle of barbers being fully booked, or needing to travel out of the house just for a haircut. You’ll be your personal hairdresser from here on out, open all hours for your convenience.

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