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For those who are new to NBA 2K22 MyTeam here are some tips and tricks to get you started

MyTeam is the mode that allows you to freely explore and experiment with a wide range of players who might be a good fit for your playstyle in the game. The general managerial expertise of a person will be tested in this game mode in NBA 2K22, but despite the difficulties, there will be a great deal of enjoyment to be had thanks to the large number of cards that you can choose from.

Some players may be unsure of where to begin or which mode to play in order to reap the greatest number of rewards when they first begin playing MyTeam. It’s also worth noting that there are many cards with talented but inexperienced players that are significantly less expensive than cards with individuals who already have a higher overall rating. In order to assist you, here are a few suggestions that others may find useful in their MyTeam endeavors.

1. Grind dominance is important
In Season 1 of MyTeam, dominance is a very taxing endeavor because it takes 66 victories to earn all 198 stars, which is a very long time. Despite the amount of time that must be dedicated to domination, the rewards of successfully completing this mode are enormous because the players are excellent for any style of game, particularly multiplayer games.

Along with the players, there are tokens and NBA 2K22 MT that can be earned, which can be used to purchase better athletes from the auction house as you progress through the game. Domination could also be the approach taken in order to complete the XP challenges each season, which will result in the squad receiving many more rewards as a result.

2. Completing XP challenges is mandatory
The XP challenges in NBA 2K21 were a fantastic addition because they pushed players to complete specific objectives while also grinding out domination or triple threat offline. For example, playing ten consecutive triple threat offline games while also completing the XP objectives of various players can provide some entertainment during the arduous process of leveling up.

The daily and weekend XP objectives do not result in a significant amount of immediate progress, but as each season progresses, it will become increasingly important to accumulate points for these daily and weekly challenges. These XP checklists are not difficult to complete; however, being aware of and committed to completing these tasks is critical to their successful completion.

3. Continue to call give and go in triple threat offline to rack up points as long as possible
With the majority of XP challenges requiring hundreds or thousands of points for a large number of players, playing triple threat offline is an excellent method of completing all of these challenges in a short period of time. The give and go game is unstoppable because the CPU does not protect the paint in any way while it is being played out in real time.

If the CPU is in the elbow or mid-range area, the player in the middle can still swish catch-and-shoot threes from behind the arc if they are in the elbow or mid-range. The adjustments made to the way this give and go game is run could differ depending on the specific challenges that each player must complete. You can complete it more quickly if you are asked to do so with dunks, threes, or points in general. The give and go play will assist you in accomplishing these tasks more quickly.

4. Look for inexpensive players who possess a wide range of abilities
Because of their higher overall ratings and wide range of popularity, the individuals tasked with promoting and marketing new releases of cards have a tendency to exaggerate the importance of higher tier cards. It is recommended that No Money Spent players only purchase cards at the Ruby or Amethyst levels after a period of more than a month has passed.

The market for Diamond and Pink Diamond cards is severely overpriced, but there are Ruby and Amethyst players who can compete with the higher tier cards on a level playing field. Because of this, it is critical to research and experiment with specific Ruby or Amethyst players who fit one’s play style and have the potential to thrive in MyTeam before making a decision.

5. Do not waste tokens when they are not absolutely necessary
Despite the fact that grinding domination yields fewer tokens than in previous editions, there are still a plethora of opportunities for tokens for any gamer to pursue. However, there is no pressing need for players in the market to spend all of their tokens immediately.

It is recommended to only use these tokens when the players will be able to improve the overall strength of the current squad that is being utilized. Given the scarcity of tokens in MyTeam, and the difficulty in increasing the quantity, it is highly recommended that players wait for the next update, which will include a better skill set as well as a greater number of badges.

6. only sell items that are valuable; do not chase after collector level bonuses
For a newcomer to MyTeam, the collector level rewards are enticing because the rewards get better and better as you progress through the levels. Nevertheless, the rewards that are being promoted can also be obtained through other means, such as through the auction house or through the use of tokens.

Pink Diamond Rajon Rondo and Pink Diamond Allan Houston are phenomenal athletes for a player who hasn’t spent any money, but there are other Diamond or Pink Diamonds free cards that can be obtained by grinding the game rather than chasing collector level rewards.

7. Review the pricing of shoe boosts and badges in the collection
The abilities and production of any card that is equipped with shoe boosts and badges are enhanced, but as a casual player of MyTeam, it is not recommended to collect too many of these items.

The value and improvement provided by some shoe boosts and badges is not worth the money spent on them (e. g., the price of some badges is more than 5,000 NBA 2K22 PS5 MT for sale). Selling these items from one’s current collection may help one achieve greater success and advancement because it allows one to use the proceeds to purchase other items from the auction house that will improve one’s squad.

8. MT coins should not be used to purchase packs
The last thing that should be done in this game mode, if you are a No Money Spent player who grinds and enjoys MyTeam, is to purchase players from packs. With the purchase of packs, there is an insurmountable possibility of making a profit.

To proceed, it is recommended that you wait for content creators and other interested parties to purchase these packs and then sell them on the auction house. Furthermore, because the supply of these cards is constantly increasing, it may only take a few days for the price to fall in the market.

9. Practice in Offline Modes to build up your skills in preparation for online modes
While undertaking the arduous journey of XP challenges, it is necessary to compete with other players from all over the region in order to progress. Players’ abilities will be initially boosted by grinding domination and triple threat offline, which will also prepare them for the weekend matches in limited.

For beginners, the triple threat of online, unlimited, and draft may be too much to handle, but the offline modes will help them advance in MyTeam’s rankings and improve their overall standing. A person’s level can rapidly increase even while playing in offline modes, thanks to the large number of offline XP challenges available.

10. Look for and track down any free locker codes that 2K is giving away
This phenomenal video game is created by hardworking and well-regarded individuals who have created it for millions of people to enjoy all over the world. These individuals give away free codes that contain mysterious prizes that can significantly improve the performance of one’s team.

Many of these rewards may appear to be pointless to some, but because they are free, they can be sold at any time for any amount of money to increase your total number of NBA MT coins. Consider the following scenario: if there are two or three codes every week, selling the free items for less than 1,000 MT coins could result in a significant increase in revenue by combining all of the free coins over the course of the next few weeks.

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