Dopamine Dressing Can Elevate Your Mood

Dopamine Dressing Can Elevate Your Mood In 2022 – A Happy Fashion Code for You

Turn back the wheel of time to 2020! And you’ll realize that with the pandemic outbreak, we lost our sense of control. All the things which got us joy were suddenly on hold. However, thankfully, we retained control over one thing: our sense of dressing.

Today, the link between our attires and the state of mind is getting more attention. It is more so the case when the fashion trend for 2022 gets labeled as “dopamine dressing.” It means dressing up in a way that boosts your mood and brings joy.

Designers always knew that we have emotional connections with specific colors. And even though that is a part of the trend, you certainly have more to explore. Style and texture can enhance the mood. All that we wear impacts how we feel, which decides our judgements and thoughts.

The researchers call that “enclothed cognition.” They have found that all we wear comes with specific symbolic meanings that impact performance and psychology. Hence, whether you are opting in for a comfortable or vibrant look, you need to wear what makes you feel good.

Wondering how to go ahead with dopamine dressing? Go ahead with the following guidelines:

  • Say yes to color therapy

Fashion is an art! And just like painting, when you use the correct colors, it will make the attires pop out. You can combine the primary shades of yellow, blue, and red to resort to the color-blocking trend. If you resort to complementary shades, you will never be wrong. Shades like purple, yellow, green, red, blue, green, orange, and magenta can make the best pairs.

  • Opt-in for monochrome with various shades

When you opt-in for monochrome attire, it will uplift your style. The single shade fashion has become viral as it makes the attire appear in perfect assembly, even when you are creating a casual look. In terms of colors, all the items don’t need to match better. Also, pairing various shades of one color can enable you to attain a monochrome look using the pieces that are in the closet. You can consider light grey, cream, and beige in a single shade or magenta, baby pink, or lavender.

  • Say yes to the fedora hats

Dopamine dressing is all about feeling good and happy! And hats can contribute to it to a great extent. The women fedora hat is a perfect choice for this kind of dressing. However, make sure that you aren’t confusing it with a trilby. A fedora is considered stylish because it’s practical and sophisticated. When people wear the fedora, it doesn’t obscure the view. Also, you can store the hat by folding it, and it will not lose its shape. The straw fedoras are considered more vibrant than other forms as you can avail them in several colors. Choose the color that elevates your mood the most. Else, you can opt-in for a beige or black color straw fedora hat and use a pleated hatband on it.

  • Use the popular three-color rule

The color blocking trend started back in the 1960s, and it has undergone massive changes over time. The trend had returned sometime back in 2011 before it hit the runways. If you find it challenging to coordinate colors together, you need to keep it simple using the 3-color rule. As the name suggests, the three-color rule is all about integrating three shades in one single attire to make sure that it matches all. For instance, you can opt for green dress pants and a navy top and match it with yellow accessories.

  • Say yes to the Pantone purple

If there’s one color that got prominent in the Spring style trends for 2022, it is purple. Purple goes very well with green and yellow. It will give your outfit a certain edge. Right from electric to lavender purple shades, you might want to opt for subdued tones to match your personal style.

  • Go all out with pink
  • The color pink has been linked with several pre-conceived notions concerning feminine charm

If you want a bright shade that doesn’t go out of style, it needs to be pink. This color will add freshness to any attire, regardless of gender. You can pair pink with khaki and beige colors to change your wardrobe from the winter to the summer days.

Last but not least, you can welcome the earth tones. The secret of dopamine dressing is about welcoming all kinds of colors that look good. However, if you wish to keep things simple and prefer not to overthink, embracing earth tones provides ample alternative. You can choose army greens, burn orange, rust orange, or beige for matching shades. These are colors that will never go out of style.

The objective of dopamine dressing is to amplify the “feel good” vibe! Now that you know how to go about it, go ahead and plunge yourself into this fashion trend.

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