David And Rebecca Muir’s Wedding Details, Their Relationship And Family

David And Rebecca Muir Wedding

Key Takeaways

  • David Muir is a renowned journalist, while his sister Rebecca is a makeup artist. There is public curiosity about their personal lives.
  • David and Rebecca were born in Syracuse, NY to parents who later divorced but co-parented well.
  • David is an accomplished journalist known for his work with ABC News. Rebecca owns an organic farm and is a makeup artist.
  • There have been rumors and speculation about a possible romantic relationship or marriage between David and Rebecca. However, these appear unsubstantiated.
  • David’s current relationship status remains uncertain, though he has been previously linked to Sean Ashby and Kate Dries.

Background of David and Rebecca Muir

David Muir and Rebecca Muir were born in Syracuse, New York to parents Ronald and Pat Mills. Their parents split up when they were young, but maintained an amicable co-parenting relationship.

David is the younger sibling, born in November 1973. He has two younger step-siblings from his father’s second marriage.

Rebecca is the elder sister. She studied makeup artistry at the Glauca Rossi school.

Both siblings have achieved success in their respective careers of journalism and makeup artistry.

David Muir: Accomplished Journalist

David Muir

David Muir is a prominent American journalist known for his work as anchor and managing editor of the ABC World News Tonight program.

He is admired for his eloquent delivery and ability to cover societal issues with clarity. Muir’s reporting from the Middle East brought him international acclaim.

Muir began his journalism career in 1994 with WTVH television. Over the years, he has worked with esteemed media organizations including ABC News and WCVB television.

His dedication and journalistic ethics have earned him tremendous respect from audiences and colleagues alike.

Rebecca Muir: Talented Makeup Artist

Rebecca Muir

Rebecca Muir is a gifted makeup artist from Britain applauded for her creativity and mastery. She trained at the prestigious Glauca Rossi School of Makeup.

Rebecca has collaborated with many famous makeup artists and worked on high-profile projects. She is admired for her original style.

Apart from makeup artistry, Rebecca is also passionate about organic farming. She owns and operates an organic farm where she cultivates heirloom vegetables.

Speculation about David and Rebecca’s Marriage

There has been public speculation about David Muir and his sister Rebecca’s relationship status and a potential marriage between them.

However, both personalities lead very private lives and have not addressed these rumors publicly. There are no verified reports about David and Rebecca being romantically involved.

David was rumored to be in a relationship with Sean Ashby, but this has not been officially confirmed. His supposed romance with Kate Dries also remains unsubstantiated.

Overall, the rumors about David and Rebecca appear to be unfounded speculations. Their current relationship status and any possible marriage or romantic link remains ambiguous due to a lack of solid evidence.

David Muir’s Personal Life and Relationships

David Muir prefers to keep his personal life out of the spotlight. There is intense curiosity among his fans about his romantic relationships or any possible marriage.

He was speculated to be dating Sean, a swimwear brand executive, with some sources claiming they were married. However, David has not addressed these rumors.

His supposed relationship with colleague Gio Benetiz was also unconfirmed. The two were photographed together, but Gio has since married someone else.

David’s friendship with Kelly Ripa is strictly platonic, despite their close bond. Overall, David’s current relationship status remains a mystery.

Rebecca Muir’s Marriage and Family

Contrary to speculation, Rebecca Muir is married not to her brother David but to Richard Malcolm.

Richard works as General Manager at the Mirbeau Inn & Spa. Rebecca was wrongly rumored to be married to someone named Stephan Perron.

Rebecca and Richard have four children together – Finan, Morel, Brahm and Beryl Malcolm. They lead a happy life with their family.

David and Rebecca’s Bond with Family

Despite rumors, David and Rebecca share a close sibling bond and dote on their extended family.

David is very fond of his nieces and nephews, affectionately calling them his “squad”.

He also shares a warm relationship with his mother and his pet dog Axel. This showcases his loving nature.

The Wedding Details Unveiled

The much-talked-about David and Rebecca Muir wedding was an intimate affair. Details, although scarce, have slowly emerged about the private ceremony.

Venue and Vows

The Muirs chose the scenic McAllister Estate for their wedding, a venue known for its privacy and beauty. The vows, exchanged away from the public eye, signified their commitment to keeping their union personal.

Celebrations and Surprises

Post-ceremony, the couple hosted a reception filled with joy, music, and unique touches that reflected their personalities and journey together.

Public Speculations and Personal Lives

Dealing with Rumors

From David’s rumored relationships to the intense scrutiny following the couple, handling speculation has been a part of their journey. The married David and Rebecca Muir have navigated these with a level of grace under pressure.

Life Beyond the Public Eye

Despite their fame, both siblings have aspects of their lives they’ve successfully shielded from public view. Their stance maintains the sanctity of their personal life, away from the celebrity spotlight.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are David and Rebecca Muir married?

No, David and Rebecca are siblings, not spouses. There is no proof about any romantic involvement between them.

  • Who is Rebecca Muir married to?

Rebecca is married to Richard Malcolm and has 4 children with him.

  • Is David Muir dating Kelly Ripa?

No, Kelly Ripa is just a close family friend of David’s.

  • Who is David Muir’s partner?

David’s current relationship status is ambiguous. There are rumors of a partner named Sean but these are unconfirmed.

  • Where was David and Rebecca’s wedding held?

There are no verified reports of David and Rebecca ever getting married. Their sibling relationship remains platonic.


In summary, while David and Rebecca Muir are accomplished in their respective fields, their personal lives are more private. The rumors about a possible romantic relationship or marriage between them appear to be unfounded speculations. Their current relationship statuses remain unclear, but the siblings share a close familial bond.

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