Danny Duncan Net Worth

Danny Duncan Net Worth

The YouTube prank star and comedian Danny Duncan net worth are approximately $5 million as of August 2021. Most of his revenue came from his YouTube viewership where he posted different prank videos and comedy videos.

Danny Duncan Net Worth

Maybe you have already heard of Danny Duncan and maybe you already know something about him. But there are many facts that you want to know about him, like Danny Duncan Net Worth, Danny Duncan Age, Danny Duncan Wife, Danny Duncan Career, and many other personal facts. We have gathered all this basic information about Danny Duncan here in a single article for you. Read this article completely to know much about Danny.

Who Is Danny Duncan?

The excess of the internet has generated uncountable fields of self-employment in the past two decades. There are thousands of examples over there where people came with new ideas and raised them from the bottom to the height of popularity.

YouTube is also an effective platform that has made thousands of people popular and successful. It has helped many people to fulfill their dreams and get what they actually want in their life.

Early Life of Danny Duncan

People with the best, attractive, and powerful content can rise to the top in a very short time and can earn a lot of money they can not even imagine.

Danny Duncan is also one of those successful people who raised to the height of popularity and earned a lot of money through YouTube. He started by posting skateboard videos then jumped into comedy and pranks and got a huge viewership.

Early Life

danny duncan net worth 2021

Garry Daniel Winthrope, famous and known for his YouTube name, “Danny Duncan” was born on July 27, 1992, in EagleWood Florida. He was raised by his mother as his parents were separated when he was a kid. He has a sister and a stepbrother, Matthew. Danny attended Lemon Bay High School and graduated.

He saw his mother struggling in his childhood which made him work really hard. His mother lost his house to the bank so Danny decided to gift her a new big house and focused on this goal.


After high school, Danny started a job at Walgreen. He did not found it charming and left this job in months. This moment was very lucky for Danny and a new YouTube star was born then. He started a YouTube Channel in 2014 where he posted videos about skateboarding. He also posted some videos about how to deal with and fix ankle injuries.

A former skateboard player Jason Lee was the first person who recognized the hidden talent of humor in Danny. He advised him to start comedy at YouTube and Danny got a new idea.

Danny Started making prank videos and got fame in a short time. Some of his videos got millions of views and helped him to increase Danny Duncan net worth which is approximately $5 million.

On his YouTube channel, he has earned more than 6.01 million subscribers and over 1 billion views. The video that got the highest views is “Falling With 30,000 Pennies” which has got over 3 million views as of date. He also has some viral videos on his YouTube channel including “Being an asshole”, “I Love Hawaii”, “Speeding In Front Of Cops”, and many others.

Other Businesses

Dany also launched his merchandise “Virginity Rocks” in 2017. He went on his “Virginity Rocks Tour” in 2018 around the United States that he started from Los Angles. He appeared as a musician in this tour, which means a new work field has started for him. This merchandise has also a share in Danny Duncan Net Worth which is approximately $5 million.

Other Existence

Besides YouTube, Danny is also very active on other social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and others. This social media appearance helps Danny to be in contact with his fans and followers and also helps him to increase Danny Duncan net worth through promotions. He has a vital fan base on these social networking websites.

Relationship with his Family

Danny has a strong relationship with his family and loves them very much. He often featured them in his videos and shows his love for them in different ways. He has a video on his channel in which he surprised his sister by gifting her a new car. He gifted his mother a 5-acre big house where they are living together.

Danny Duncan Net worth

Danny Duncan is an American YouTuber, Vlogger, Comedian, and Prankster. He has 6 million subscribers and 380 videos on his YouTube channel. He has some other means of earning too, like social media promotions. Danny Duncan net worth is generated by these different means and is approximately $5 million. Most of the part of Danny Duncan net worth consists of the earning from YouTube.

Danny Duncan Age

American YouTuber and Prankster Danny Duncan was born on July 27, 1992, in EagleWood and went to Lemon Bay High School. As of August 2021, Danny Duncan age is 29 years. He is living with his mother, sister, and stepbrother happily.

Danny Duncan Girlfriends

Danny Duncan has never announced his personal life and relations yet. He was mistaken with some YouTubers but all this news was proved to be wrong. He once announced that he had two girlfriends at different times and one of these two worked in a pizza shop. He is still single and focusing on his YouTube career. Whenever he would announce anything, we will acknowledge you without wasting any time.

This is a short biography of Danny Duncan in which we tried our best to cover all the important points of his life you want to know. If you have still anything to discover, let us know, we will publish those facts soon.

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