10 Ways To Earn Income Passively From Wherever You Want

10 Ways To Earn Income Passively From Wherever You Want

Earn Some Passive Income From Wherever You Are In The World

Everyone wants to make extra money and if you use a few tips and pointers, you can definitely make extra cash fast. There are some areas where you can make fast money, and a few that will take a bit longer, so whether you’re saving for a deposit for that dream vacation, or you want to pay off credit card debts, consider these great ways to make extra income now.

1. Start Your Own Freelance Business: A lot of people start their own businesses because they have great ideas such as designing their own t-shirts or coffee mugs. This is great, but it also takes time. You have to factor in that even if you go to a site like Café Press to set up your business, you still have to have a unique idea that’s going to distinguish you from others.

To succeed in a freelance business, you have to know a great deal about marketing, web design, as well as networking to get customers. You can go to a site like Wix.com and set up a free page, or go to a site like GoDaddy or Shopify, but again, you’re going to have to set up your products, take pictures of your products and then you have to factor in that it is an algorithm, so be willing to do this for the long haul to see your investment pay off.

2. Flea Markets And Online Sites Like eBay: Now that you’ve got your freelance business up and running, consider flea markets for fast cash. If you’re going to sell at a flea market, all you have to do is set up a table and sell whatever products you have. Some people even have their own designs that they make, and sell at flea markets. This could be a great idea if you have a flare for designing baseball caps, for example, or t-shirts and you want to sell them locally. You can also sell on sites like eBay, Wallapop and even Close 5 so that way you can scale yourself and have sales coming in from multiple sources.

3. Write A Book And Sell It: A lot of people have great ideas that can be written and published. Maybe you learned how to cook at an early age and now you want to share your tips with others. Sell your recipes online. You can make your own book, set up a web page, sell your book and turn that into a cooking class where you also sell it. You may have even worked for a number of years where you were coaching people and you took a course for it. You can actually sell your books about how you coach people for a living and you can speak at different events for money.

4. Design And Sell T-Shirts: With sites like Café Press you can design t-shirts and drop ship from their location. This is great for people who want to work hands-free and you don’t want t shirts in your closet stacked up while you’re waiting for sales to come in. Just go online and create a design and then wait for people to buy it. As you promote the idea, this can help to draw sales to you and it will increase your return on investment.

5. Affiliate Marketing: Another area that you may want to tap into is affiliate marketing. This is where you go online and find companies that are going to sell products for you. Essentially, you’re setting up a site that’s going to have marketing and pages set up where you’re going to sell products that other people have. They actually have a team of marketers who can help you. However it does take time and you have to keep track of the various percentages that are taken out so that you know how much money you’re making.

6. Network Marketing: A great way to make money that takes a little bit of time is through network marketing. This is great if you’re a people person and you understand sales because you can quickly start to make money, especially if you know people, can develop teams and become very successful at this. That’s how the Mary Kaye ladies do it and their rivals at Avon.

7. Market Investments: When you invest in the stock market, whether it’s through CDs, mutual funds, 401(k) plans, or short term investments, by considering short and long term investment strategies, this can help you to make different streams of income.

8. Real Estate: A great way to make quick cash is through flipping properties. If you can do this correctly, you can sometimes make a lot of money with very little investment. If you’re unsure about it or if you don’t have enough capital, consider going in with one or two of your friends. Set up your legal contracts and split the difference that you’ll make once you sell the property.

9. Ghostwrite And Collect The Royalties: A lot of people want to write their story or they have a great book idea but they may not know how to go about writing and publishing it. If you can help people write their book and tie in that you will get proceeds from the royalties, you may have a future investment. The only downside is this may take time. If it does take off, you can collect the proceeds every month!

10. Participate In Surveys And Focus Groups: A lot of people who want to make quick cash, will take different types of studies and surveys that you can do online. This is a great way to make extra money and have financial freedom because you can do surveys whenever you want.

With so many great ways to make money, it’s just a matter of deciding which is the right niche for you based on the time that you want to factor in and how much you actually want to invest, so that way you can make a better return on your investment. Tap into some of these great ideas or even all of them and have several streams of income coming in!


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