What Happened To Daniel Petry And Gabriel Kahn?

What Happened To Daniel Petry And Gabriel Kahn? [2023 Update]

  • Daniel Petry murdered 12-year-old Gabriel Kahn in 2007 over a dispute about virtual currency in an online game.
  • Petry was sentenced to just 3 years in a juvenile detention center and vanished after his release in 2010.
  • The case recently resurfaced on social media with the release of disturbing crime scene photos.


What Happened To Daniel Petry And Gabriel Kahn

In 2007, a horrific murder shocked the town of Blumenau, Brazil. 12-year-old Gabriel Kahn was tortured and killed by 16-year-old acquaintance Daniel Petry in a dispute over virtual currency from the online game Tibia.

Recently, autopsy photos from the crime scene surfaced on social media, bringing renewed interest to this disturbing case. This article will examine what happened between Petry and Kahn and why the outcome was so tragic.

How Did Daniel Petry and Gabriel Kahn Know Each Other?

Although four years apart in age, Petry and Kahn were neighbors in Blumenau and met through playing the popular online game Tibia together. They often chatted within the game’s virtual world.

However, Kahn’s parents had reservations about his friendship with Petry due to knowing about the older boy’s history of behavioral issues.

What was the Motive Behind the Murder?

The dispute stemmed from Kahn borrowing 20,000 Tibia currency, worth about $1.55, from Petry within the game. He later refused to pay Petry back.

Enraged over the perceived theft of virtual currency, Petry hatched a plan to confront Kahn at his home and force repayment.

Tragically, the confrontation quickly escalated into vicious violence and ultimately murder.

How Did the Murder Unfold?

On the day of the murder, Petry called his mother at 9:30am to ask when she would be home. He then went to Kahn’s residence knowing he would have a limited window of time.

When Kahn opened the door to his friend, Petry forced his way inside and locked them both in. He proceeded to brutally attack the younger boy.

The autopsy ultimately revealed that Kahn was beaten, strangled, and had both legs sawed off – all while still alive. Petry hid the dismembered body in a neighbor’s attic.

What Was the Outcome for Daniel Petry?

Due to being a minor at the time of the murder, Petry was sentenced to just 3 years imprisonment in a juvenile detention facility.

The sentence was handed down in secrecy and Petry was released in 2010. He has not been heard from since.

What Happened to Gabriel Kahn?

Kahn’s body was discovered by his brother and a neighbor who heard screams. He was confirmed deceased by the time authorities arrived.

His remains were turned over to the local medical examiner’s office for autopsy by the public ministry. The horrific details of his torture and dismemberment were revealed.

Disturbing New Interest in the Case

Crime scene photos from the Gabriel Kahn murder recently surfaced on social media platforms like Reddit and Instagram.

The deeply disturbing images show the savagery inflicted on the child and have sparked renewed outrage over the light sentence given to his killer Daniel Petry.

6 Key Facts About the Case

  • Gabriel Kahn was only 12 years old when he was tortured and killed by 16-year-old Daniel Petry.
  • The motive stemmed from a dispute over virtual currency within the online game Tibia.
  • Kahn’s autopsy revealed he was beaten, strangled, and dismembered while still alive.
  • Petry was sentenced to just 3 years in juvenile detention for the murder.
  • After his release in 2010, Petry disappeared and has not been heard from since.
  • Disturbing crime scene photos recently resurfaced on social media, sparking renewed interest.

The horrific murder of Gabriel Kahn and the minimal punishment for Daniel Petry remain extremely troubling over 15 years later. The newly released images offer a glimpse into the traumatic final moments of a child’s life cut short.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Daniel Petry and Gabriel Kahn from?

Both boys were from the town of Blumenau in southern Brazil. They were neighbors despite their four year age gap.

How old were Petry and Kahn at the time?

Gabriel Kahn was 12 years old when he was murdered in 2007. Daniel Petry was age 16 at the time of killing Kahn.

Why did Petry murder Kahn?

Petry murdered Kahn due to a dispute over virtual currency borrowed within the online video game Tibia. Kahn had borrowed currency and later refused to pay Petry back.

How long was Petry sentenced for the murder?

Due to being a minor, Petry received just a 3 year sentence in a juvenile detention facility for the brutal torture and murder of Kahn.

What happened to Petry after his release?

Petry was released from detention in 2010 after serving 3 years. There have been no reported sightings or accounts of him since his release over a decade ago. His current whereabouts are unknown.


The disturbing murder of 12-year-old Gabriel Kahn by acquaintance Daniel Petry over virtual currency remains deeply troubling even 15 years later. The minimal punishment and lack of remorse from Petry compounds the tragedy. Hopefully the renewed interest spurred by release of the crime scene photos brings some justice to Gabriel’s loved ones.

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