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Whale Game NFT [update 2022]: Is It Legit or Scam? Cryptocurrency Gaming for All

Have you ever played any crypto games?

Whale Game NFT is a new game released on Oct. 4 by the Decentraland team of developers. Crypto gaming has been a small but increasingly popular trend in crypto.

Crypto gaming is a small but growing market. Whale Game NFT has been released on the Ethereum blockchain by Decentraland developers.

Whale Game shows us what crypto games could be like in the future, and provides us with some unique benefits as well as drawbacks.

In this post, we will cover Whale Game NFT, its features, and how it compares to other collectible games of chance on the market today.

If you’ve been searching for some fun BSV Blockchain collectible gaming content on the web, don’t ignore the recently announced Whale Game NFT.

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What is Whale Game?

Whale Game is a decentralized EOS-based game based on the Ethereum smart contract, in which players use their tokens to bet on the rise and fall of ETH and EOS to earn more tokens in return. Also, you can freely create your games. Each game is worth 100 WHALES per round.

As a result, players have unprecedented control over their funds, which are stored in smart contracts rather than centralized servers. The development team cannot withdraw the funds or alter the rules of the game without community consensus.

The Player’s funds are safe. To ensure transparency, all transactions are publicly auditable, since they are performed through smart contracts, which are publicly available for everyone to see and audit.

What is Whale Game?

There’s no way to cheat in Whale Game because all transactions are completely transparent. No one can run away with other people’s money or fake transaction records because everything is recorded in the blockchain forever.

The first decentralized EOS-based game is based on the Ethereum smart contract. You can freely create your games, or play other games created by players, and each game is worth 100 WHALES per round.

All transactions get performed through smart contracts, which are publicly available, allowing players to audit them. It ensures that all transactions are verifiable, transparent, and trustless.

Who is Whale Game NFT Founder?

If you’ve been in the crypto space for a while, you’ve probably heard of Benyamin Ahmed. The CEO and founder of Whale game became one of the first to create non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Not only did he create ERC721 assets that we commonly associate with NFTs — collectibles — but he also created an entire gaming ecosystem, based on NFTs and Ethereum, which is widely used today.

Who is Whale Game NFT Founder?

Benyamin Idea For the Game

Benyamin came up with the idea for the project about a year ago when he started wondering how he could make a stable income by creating unique digital assets that weren’t just limited to the ICOs and crypto trading that he had gotten involved in up until then.

Here is an excerpt from his post: “We wanted to create something unique, so he started experimenting with ERC-721 Smart Contracts, which are non-fungible tokens on Ethereum. Today on the ERC-721 manner more than 1,400 tokens have been created.

How to get Profit by Whale Game?

The objective of the Whale Game NFT is to make the most of your whale. You may accomplish it in two ways:

1) In the Whale NFT game, you may buy/sell NFTs on OpenSea and in the OpenSea Whale NFT market. You may get ETHs in return by selling your whales.

2) Send your wales to another player in our Whale NFT game. In this instance, you don’t need to keep the whale for a long period of time (just one day). You may reach out to any other player in our Whale NFT game and offer them your whale. If he agrees, you lose ownership of your whale, and he

In this scenario, both players will receive points for the Whale Game NFT’s size after the transaction is complete. Each whale is hand-crafted by Ahmed and distinct from every other. The whales also allow us to establish our tribes, which may be used as clans for gamers.

Bottom Line

Whale Game NFT is a project using the Ethereum blockchain and crypto-collectible and crypto-gaming elements to make it work. We think there are 2 takeaways from the Whale Game NFT: First, how can one create a collectible or unique digital good with the use of blockchain technology like ERC721. We believe this is an interesting way to explore how blockchains can be used to solve certain requirements that we encounter in our daily lives. Second, we should understand blockchain technology and how it can help us to live better through digital assets and collectibles.

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The game could evolve into something much bigger. It may be an experiment, but there is the potential for the game to contribute to Ethereum’s popularity in the long term. If people like this game, it may well encourage them to seek out other blockchain-based games; this would spotlight Ethereum in particular to millions of people who might otherwise have no knowledge of this technology at all.

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