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The avaricious commander of the Legion patiently waits for Vicus to challenge him in the next and most recent Legion raid. You’ll need a group of eight people, one per slot, to complete this. The minimum item level required for normal mode is 1430, while the minimum item level required for hard mode is 1460.


Before beginning this raid, you are required to first go to the Vern castle lunar nights member NPC and complete the task of blooming again. This is a prerequisite for beginning the raid. During the fight, you will have the opportunity to fulfill certain requirements in order to complete the cythereal skill table. Once the quota has been met, the captain of the raid has the option of calling upon one of the three sidereals to unleash a potent ability, similar to how Nineveh’s divine punishment pacunas function. When using this potent ability, lost ark gold for sale Nineveh will launch a powerful arrow that will cause significant damage and remove a portion of any gain used by Vicus. This ability is very similar to the vault army raid that was added in the update that took place a month ago. This raid will also have a gate that serves as a checkpoint, but when you face Vicus, there will be three vault raids instead of two. This is a change from the previous raid. At each of these checkpoints, you and your team will have the opportunity to take a break and resume the mission at a later time.

You have the ability to dodge, but your primary focus should be on mastering the attack mode as efficiently as possible. You also need to use skills with weak effects or destructive bombs to assist you in inflicting the most damage possible on him and breaking through his shell. You can also gain an advantage by keeping a panacea on hand in order to stop his incredible frost attack from causing him to lose his main life. You can now also use the brand-new copy function that is integrated into the game to join this raid as well as other raids. You can select adventure, then insert integrated copy, and finally select either the guard rate shortcut or ALT and to proceed in a more expedient manner.

If you do not succeed the first time, you should continue to put in a lot of effort after you have vanquished Vicus and Quinlan NIM. If you do this, you will most likely be interested in seeing a new single dungeon added to Thronespire. This dungeon presents its own unique set of difficulties. Each stage is comprised of fifty additional stages. You have seven minutes to make progress against the advancing horde of enemies before you have to take on the final boss. If you are successful in completing it within the allotted time, you will receive the initial completion reward for the first 25 stages, as well as the bragging right for stages 26 through 50. You will receive a variety of rewards, some of which will be general resources such as coins made of platinum and materials used for honing. You can use these resources to amass a considerable amount of silver, but doing so also affords you the opportunity to acquire uncommon trophies, such as recipes for legendary carvings.

When you use these books, you will have the option to select and acquire particular legendary carving and legendary honing books. When honing gears, using these books will increase the likelihood of having success. Make sure your minimum item level is 1325 and that you have finished the task of energy guidance before you begin. Make sure you have a significant score before you begin. In any major city, you should have no trouble finding Father Vino.

After finishing the mission, you will be able to leave the dungeon and proceed toward the cube while traversing the throne fire statue and the tower nearby. When you finally get a chance to hop on, I’ll go there and wish you the best of luck. Help defend the Archaea against the increasingly powerful Legion as you progress through the increasingly challenging stage. The summer will soon arrive. In addition, in order to commemorate the release of this update, Heartbeat Island has added a new activity with a festival theme. Here, you can engage in a wide variety of exciting activities, both on your own and in collaboration with other players, such as dancing with other explorers on a stage, unwinding in the sun, even watching the waves while battling alongside other players to defeat a boss known as the queen of dancers. You will receive holiday coins for completing any daily task, and these coins can be redeemed for a variety of different rewards, including legendary carving recipe report boxes and honing materials.

Find the NPC in any major city who is in charge of planning festivals and have a conversation with them so that you can begin this activity. NPC will provide you with an invitation to participate in the festival, sail to the island, and enjoy the fun of completing the task, but please keep in mind that some events happen at the scheduled time, so you must check the clock and be present at the last start, lost ark gold but it is not the least. If you miss the start, you will not be able to participate in the festival. Let’s see some general updates,The ability to alter the appearance of injuries becomes available once you have begun to improve the quality of life. Organization is the key to not losing art, especially at those higher project levels, so the fact that you can now also arrange the contents of your chest alphabetically using the Settings menu is a huge number for me. I say this because the chest holds a significant number of items. When you start to get a lot of trophies from the completion of daily challenges, the store has also been updated. Starting this month, you will be able to buy a new character skin and weapon shadow for the stern. In addition, there is a new pet that can be purchased, and if you’ve always dreamed of owning a leopard, now is your chance.

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