Scorey If I Die Young

Scorey If I Die Young (Sep 2022): Future Superstar of Chicago

Scorey If I Die Young is a 22-year-old artist that has been on social media. He first came to the attention of the public when his song “Young” was played during an episode of Chicago Fire. This song and its accompanying video had gone viral, with many people comparing him to Polo G, who is considered to be one of Chicago’s biggest superstars.

Before you listen to Scorey’s songs, you should know about the artist and his musical career. You can take a look at the following details about him.

The young musician was born on October 24th, 2014 in Chicago, Illinois. He has earned huge popularity for his song If I Die Young. In addition to that, he is also known for his hit songs like All About Us and Never Ever Getting Back Together.

He started his musical career in 2015. Currently, he has released many songs under his record label called Republic Records. The name of his music band is Scorey.

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After releasing If I Die Young in 2017, the popularity of young musicians started to increase day by day. A few months later, he released Never Ever Getting Back Together on January 11th, 2018. Later, he released some other tracks like All About Us on October 19th, 2018, and Dance with Me Now on December 3rd, 2018.

Therefore, please scroll down to learn more about Scorey If I Die Young and the singer.

What are the chords and instruments of the song “If I Die Young” about?

The lyrics of If I Die, Young, which was written by Troy Verges, Clint Lagerberg, and Phillip LaRue, have been a subject of interest. Most people are interested in knowing what the song is all about.

Troy Verges was the main lyricist and Clint Lagerberg was the co-writer of this song. Clint Lagerberg is also a drummer and a recording artist. Phillip LaRue is also a musician and producer who plays bass guitar in this song. Clint Lagerberg plays drums in this song. Troy Verges is also a musician and record producer who has written songs for many other popular artists like Tim McGraw, Keith Urban, and Faith Hill.

What are the chords and instruments of the song “If I Die Young” about?

Troy Verges was inspired to write this song after witnessing the death of his uncle Glenn, who died at the age of 33 due to cancer. In an interview, he talked about how he had tried to grasp life as much as possible after seeing his uncle’s condition before his death so that he could regret less about not living life to the fullest. This inspired him to write this song which shows how you should live your life without any regrets if you know that you will die young. He also wanted to convey his own feeling of sadness towards his mother.

What is Scorey If I Die Young?

If I Die Young is a song that the Band Perry has made. It was written by Kimberly Perry, which is a person who is also the singer of this incredible song. The Band Perry recorded it in 2011 and released it in 2012.

Truly, this song was inspired by the lives of Kimberly and Reid Perry, which are the siblings who play in the band too. They have written this song for their mother when she got cancer. This happened to them when they were little young.

This song begins with a beautiful guitar melody that is sad and slow; afterward, the drums begin to beat slowly and the voice of Kimberly Perry comes out. She starts singing about love, life, and death. It seems that this song is about her mother’s illness, but these lyrics are universal because everyone can understand them.

The songs say that whatever time we have will be more than enough if we make the most of it as shown in Scorey If I Die Young. These lyrics give meaning to life because they tell people to enjoy their time and make the best of it.*

There have been five songs with the word “die” or a word variation in the title of the country’s top chart before If I Die Young was released.

Corey Ward, often known simply as Scorey Ayee or Scorey, is an American rapper and singer from New York’s Syracuse.

He was introduced to a variety of rappers, including 50 Cent and Lil Wayne, as a youngster. Scorey often freestyle and mimic his pals, and in 2018, he began recording music while taking it professionally in 2019 with the most popular song Scorey If I Die Young.

Bottom line

Scorey grew up listening to and became a fan of several rappers, including 50 Cent and Lil Wayne. He often freestyled and mimicked with his friends, and in 2018 he began recording music and took it professionally in 2019 with the most popular.

In June 2021, he released the much-awaited song. He believed that he had written a love letter with the hope of improving and making his relationship better.

Scorey is compared to the Chicago sensation, Polo G. In addition, learn more about Scorey in this article. Scorey If I Die Young and Scorey’s song. Please express your thoughts on this subject.

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  2. Im still learning from you, but Im trying to achieve my goals. I definitely love reading all that is posted on your website.Keep the aarticles coming. I loved it!

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