Purchase Of Sim Only Plan In Singapore

Offers Related To Purchase Of Sim Only Plan In Singapore

The Sim only plan is a unique plan where only the subscriber can use their phone to make or receive calls, texts, and data. If you need to give your phone away temporarily, you can also use their service for free. You do not need to subscribe if you only want voice calls and texts as well as basic internet data, but if you want to go all out with unlimited data, text and monthly voice plans will cost you too much money.

The following are some of the offers customers are likely to receive when they purchase the Sim Only Plan;

1) Free caller ID

If you have subscribed to a Voice over IP (VoIP) or internet-based service, which includes: Skype, Whatsapp, Viber, or Facebook messenger, then you will be able to see who is calling you before answering. With regular plans, it is common for your phone number to show the name of the carrier and not the person who is calling you. The caller ID service will be provided by your carrier for free for those that subscribe to voice services.

2) Free Texting

If you subscribed to any of the text-based services, then you can send an unlimited amount of text messages at no extra cost. The only thing is that we won’t be able to send SMS to 911 – which is important if someone needs an emergency response. This is because we are not able to make voice calls! Some additional services are also available such as sending and receiving multimedia messages, uploading videos, photos, etc.

3) Free Data Usage

Customers get unlimited weekend and public holiday data at no extra cost. This is a great advantage because you don’t have to worry about data usage at any given time. There is also a second SIM card which can be used as a modem to connect your laptop or even tablets. Moreover, the second SIM can also be used for doing internet at no extra cost.

4) Free 5G sim card

If you need to make voice calls, but you don’t have a connection with your carrier, then you can upgrade to this sim-only plan in Singapore. This is a significant advantage because it will allow subscribers to make and receive calls at no extra cost anywhere in Singapore. This will give users a faster and more reliable internet connection.

5) Free sim card registration

The new SIM card is designed to be fully functional and can be used as a normal phone. It needs to be registered for you to use it so that you can use the basic telecommunication services.

6) Free delivery

There is no need to pay for postpaid delivery because you are a Sim-only subscriber. Instead, you will have to register a mailing address so that the delivery services can reach your doorstep.

There are many plans and monthly rates available for consumers to choose from. The Sim only plan is a great advantage to consumers in Singapore because many of them don’t want to subscribe to voice calls, but they want all the other services. If you want a data-only connection and don’t need any voice calls, then you can get one of these plans at an affordable price.

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