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How to inspect a used car before buying?

If you are saving up to buy a used car, you must ensure that the car is not broken and can give you a reasonable ROI. For your used car needs, you can look up GMC dealer riverside for the best deals. If you like making quick trips to Los Angeles or Long beach from Riverside CA, a used car can be a sound investment.

It is vital to do a personal inspection of the used car before making a decision. You must avoid buying instinct just by looking at the model. While it may look perfect on the outside, you must inspect within to ensure the quality is per the quoted price.

Preparation for the car inspection

It’s best to take someone for a second perspective at the car. You can ask a friend of an expert technician to tag along. Further, you can carry a bright flashlight to check the hidden sports and the bottom of the car.

Further, you can take notes on your phone regarding the mileage, identification number and, most importantly, the price. This will help you compare prices while shop-hopping to buy from a GMC dealer riverside dealer.

Tips for inspecting a used car like a pro

Exterior inspection

Ensure the car is on level ground so you quickly check for any deformity. Now, take a full round of the vehicle to check for any dents, paint chips, welding joints, etc. Keep a close eye on the front bumper, headlights, windscreen wipers, indicators, windows, etc.

Any welding joints will indicate a previous accident. Hence, don’t overlook anything that you can check closely. You can ask for a replacement or a lower price if you encounter minor defects.

Check fluid levels and tires

Ensure that the brake fluid, engine oil, coolants and other liquids are topped up. If not, you can ask the dealer to do the same. You must replace the oils if you see a color change. Further, you must check all four tires for pressure, groove quality and angular balance.

Check for paint and rust

To check for the paint quality and any rust, visit the dealer during the daytime. A freshly painted car will be shinier and have a rough finish compared to the original paint. Further, look into the underbody for rust using a flashlight.

Avoid rusted cars at all costs unless the vehicle is cheap so you can replace them yourself.

Check the inside 

Ensure the clutch wire has free play for smooth and soft clutch usage. If it doesn’t move smoothly, you can convey the same to the seller and ask for a replacement. Further, check the seat condition for holes, scratches and smooth reclining technology.

Moreover, inspect the AC unit, steering wheel, buttons, odometer, oil pressure meter, etc. Finally, turn on the ignition, put on the seat belts and go for a test drive. You will be able to detect any other issues while driving.

Wrapping up

While buying a used car can be budget-friendly, it is vital to inspect it properly before buying. Otherwise, you might end up paying for its maintenance and replacing parts till you get rid of it. To save yourself from the ills of buying a bad quality used car, visit GMC dealer riverside dealers for quality and trust.

However, it would help if you remembered that a used car would have minor defects as it has been driven and pre-owned. You can negotiate the price when it comes to minor flaws. But not for a used car with engine defects.

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