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Gaston Aaron Mcwhinnie [update 2022]: Know the Real Truth

Gaston Aaron Mcwhinnie, A Southern California neighborhood was on excessive alert early Sunday after an individual claiming to be a resident left a prolonged diatribe on Reddit threatening a mass capturing.

The Redditor claims his identity is “Gaston Aaron Mcwhinnie,” and says he has lived his entire life in Lakewood, a metropolis about 20 miles south of Los Angeles.

This gaston mcwhinnie Reddit post is the latest example of social media being used as a platform for threats of violence, but it’s not new territory for the site.

A Reddit user who claims to be planning a mass shooting in Lakewood, Calif. left behind an alarming manifesto that prompted an investigation by authorities.

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Lakewood Police Department in California confirmed they are investigating threats made by Reddit user u/gastonmcwhinnie, who says he will be “going on a shooting rampage” starting on Thursday, Aug. 30, according to a report from Fox5 San Diego. During the alleged shooting spree, gaston mcwhinnie claims he will be “killing everything” including pets.

gaston aaron mcwhinnie lakewood

It was a case of a Facebook “friend” coming back to haunt a Lakewood man after the social network became the staging ground for an online court case. According to authorities, on Wednesday morning, someone took to Gaston Aaron McWhinnie’s Facebook account and posted their information alongside it.

The man said “I’m black myself” and goes on to say he is alienated from the black community. It is bizarre and he does not understand where his feelings of alienation come from, but it is a feeling that consumes him.

“I have a plan. I will be killing many people tomorrow, ” gaston mcwhinnie says in the post. “If you had 24 hours to live what would you do? That’s all it is going to take for me.”

The Reddit user who threatened a mass shooting at a California high school claims he was just “trolling” and never actually planned to shoot anyone, according to a report from the Los Angeles Times.

Gaston mcwhinnie claims he has been planning his deadly attack for more than six months. He says he does not own any guns but is going to acquire some shortly, as well as an AR-15 rifle.

“I will try to get as many people in one spot for a killing spree, ” gaston mcwhinnie says in the post. “If I can’t get a school bus of children then I will be trying something else.”

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As NBC Los Angeles points out, the Lakewood Sheriff’s Department released a statement backing Rogers’ claim that “they do NOT believe the threat is credible.” Their investigation may have found evidence of a “possible SWATTING incident against the same person,” but Rogers is standing by her claim that gaston Aaron mcwhinnie may have been planning a shooting spree.

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