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Fanny Hensel Wiki [update 2022] Check True Facts Here

In this post, we’ll take a closer look at Fanny Mendelssohn Hensel, from her early life to her later accomplishments.

Who was Fanny Hensel? Fanny Hensel Wiki is trending on Google and we have the details.

Fanny Hensel, a composer, and pianist from Germany was born to a musical family of eight children. Her father gave her piano lessons from an early age and she started composing at 11 years old.

She composed songs for voice, including “Ich growled Nicht” which became popular in both Europe and North America after it was sung by Lotte Lehmann in 1933.

Fanny’s work has been largely unknown until recently when a Google Doodle made her Fanny Hensel Wiki trending.

I was listening to my collection of Fanny Hensel recordings in the car the other day.

I learned about how she started playing the piano in her hometown when she was three years old.

Her siblings were tutored by Johann Sebastian Bach’s sons, Wilhelm Friedemann and Carl Philipp Emanuel.

She was taught by her mother Carolina Maria Barbara, who was a well-educated woman.

Fanny Hensel Wiki

Who is Fanny Hensel?

Fanny was born to Mendelssohn in Hamburg, Germany in 1805. Her full name is Fanny Cäcilie Henriette Mendelssohn, but she is better known by her nickname, Fanny Hensel (English) or Fanny Mendelssohn (German).

Fanny Hensel was born to a Jewish family in Hamburg, Germany, and she’s one of the few female composers that we know of at the time.

Growing up, Fanny’s musical talent was highly encouraged by their parents who wanted them to be the best they could be.

She was taught how to play piano and flute, and her brother Wilhelm (who she would later collaborate with and whom we mentioned earlier), played violin and cello.

Hensel was a singer and pianist. She sang and performed at salons and performed in opera and musical theater. She performed under the name Fanny Hensel but usually referred to herself as Fanny Hensel-Schwenkowsky.

She was invited to Heidelberg in 1850 and made her debut in 1853 playing Pamina in The Magic Flute alongside Pauline Viardot.

In 1856, she married Alexander Schweikert, a Court Councillor in Trier, Germany.

She gave two concerts in London in 1862, both only with her friend Offenbach accompanying her.

Who is Fanny Hensel?
  • After Google dedicated a Doodle in her memory and honor, the query became increasingly popular worldwide.
  • Google released the Doodle on November 14, Fanny Hensel’s 216th birthday.
  • The Doodle depicts her sitting at a piano in a living room. In addition, the Doodle depicts her with her back turned towards the user while composing music on her piano.
  • She sits in a large, rather quiet room that contains many paintings.
  • The letter “G” is also visible in the room, on art pieces.

Fanny Hensel Wiki

  • She has composed many piano pieces throughout her life and has received great acclaim for her skill.
  • She composed a piano quartet, more than 250 lieder, over 100 piano compositions, 4 cantatas, orchestral overtures, and a Piano Trio. Nonetheless, the majority of her work was unfinished for her life and received little significant attention.
  • After her first husband, Maximilian Acosta, died, she married Wilhelm Hensel, a German painter.
  • She died on May 14, 1847, in Berlin after suffering a stroke while practicing the piano.
  • According to Fanny Hensel’s wiki, Sebastian was her only child.
  • She’s had her fair share of study in recent years, and her achievements have been widely recognized.

Bottom line

Google has put up a doodle in memory of Fanny Hensel, a German pianist, and composer, who died at the age of 81 Wednesday.

This includes composers and pianists, where Fanniy’s work was largely unknown for the majority of her life. However, due to Google’s Doodle in her honor, her legacy has become undeniable.

Users’ interest in this figure has increased due to an increase in queries related to her work.

I had read somewhere that the second Google Doodle ever released after it was launched was Fanny’s.

What a delight to learn something new about a great composer. I also thought of her very young age at the time she composed many of her pieces.

We explored Harvard, where she studied and met her husband, musical prodigy Felix Mendelssohn.

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