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Billy Ripken Error Card Value (2022) Read Interesting Facts

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Billy was born on July 5th, 1967 in Havre de Grace, Maryland, and his brother Cal Jr., who had also played together with him at some point before he retired from baseball.

Who is Billy Ripken?

Billy Ripken is the brother of former baseball star Cal Ripken Jr. He grew up with his brother and sister, Kelly, in Maryland. He attended the University of South Carolina on a baseball scholarship and also played minor league baseball before becoming an executive at Ripken Baseball, Inc.

Billy Ripken’s father is Cal Ripken, Jr., a former shortstop for the Baltimore Orioles (currently with the team as a coach). He was born on May 24, 1974 in Aberdeen, Maryland. The question of “who is Billy Ripken?” is often asked by those who have only heard of Cal Ripken, Sr. or by younger fans who do not know much about Billy’s baseball career.

Ripken attended Aberdeen High School and played shortstop on the school’s baseball team until his sophomore year when he switched to first base to accommodate his 6’4″ frame. He also played basketball and football for AHS but preferred baseball over all other sports.

  • Name: John Ripken
  • Age: 34
  • Job title: Vice president, sales and marketing, Ripken Baseball, Inc.
  • Hometown: Solomons, Md.
  • Birthplace: Aberdeen, Md.
  • Education: University of South Carolina (B.S., marketing)
  • Family: Single; mother, Vi; father, Cal Sr.; sister Kelly; brother Cal III; 5-year-old niece Kaitlyn

Billy Ripken’s Professional Career

After high school, Billy Ripken spent five seasons playing minor league baseball in the Baltimore Orioles organization where he received several accolades including being named an All-Star three times and a minor league All-Star seven times. In 2000 he was traded to the Boston Red Sox where he continued to play until he was released from the team in 2001.

After his baseball career ended, Billy Ripken became an executive at Ripken Baseball, Inc., a company started by him and his brother Cal Jr. The company is responsible for running several youth baseball camps across the country as well as owning and operating two minor league baseball teams: the Aberdeen Ironbirds and the Gulf Coast League Orioles. Billy Ripken currently serves as vice president of sales and marketing for Ripken Baseball, Inc., where he is responsible for managing all aspects of the company’s business plan including developing new programs to bring in revenue through advertising with local businesses or selling more tickets during games. Billy also oversees promotion strategies used by each of the company’s teams.

Ripken also makes occasional appearances on ESPN as a baseball analyst and is involved with several charities, including The Cal Ripken Sr. Foundation which helps to build youth baseball fields in underprivileged areas and offers scholarships to children who want to play sports.

Billy Ripken Error Card Value

Billy Ripken’s Billy Ripken error card is one of the most popular sports cards in the world, and Billy himself has become a celebrity because of it.

The Billy Ripken Error Card was misprinted by Fleer Corporation where Billy’s middle name “Lynch” appears as his first name instead on this particular baseball card. The mistake wasn’t caught until after the cards were printed and Billy’s card is now one of the most valuable sports cards in the world. In fact, a Billy Ripken Error Card was sold at auction for $31,625 in 2002.

Because of their rarity and popularity, Billy Ripken error cards can sell for anywhere from $200 to $15,000 depending on the condition of the card. Billy Ripken cards are so popular that they have even been counterfeited, so it’s important to purchase them from a reputable dealer to ensure that you’re getting the real deal.

What is Billy Ripken Error Card?

The Billy Ripken Error Card has not only made Billy a celebrity but has also helped him make a name for himself in the business world as well. Billy Ripken currently serves as the vice president of sales and marketing at Ripken Baseball, Inc., a company that is responsible for operating two minor league baseball teams in his hometown of Aberdeen.

Bottom Line

This particular error was found quite a few months later and the card was put on display in Baltimore’s Babe Ruth Museum. Though Ripken Jr. does not think that this is a particularly rare error, the card is worth $2,000+ depending on its exact condition. If you own an error-filled Billy Ripken baseball card by Fleer from 1989 and are wondering whether it has similar value, here is a good reference guide that explains how to identify any errors on your card: Error Card Guide.

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