Access a High Risk Merchant Account with

Access a High Risk Merchant Account with

Operating a business categorized as “high risk” makes getting a merchant account challenging. Many providers shy away from extending services to enterprises perceived as prone to chargebacks and fraud. This leaves high risk businesses scrambling to find legitimate credit card processing solutions. aims to fill this gap by specializing in merchant accounts for high risk industries. With two decades of experience serving businesses across diverse verticals, they have the expertise to provide tailored solutions.

Overview of

Overview of

Founded in 1997, focuses primarily on getting merchant accounts approved for high risk businesses. They claim to serve ecommerce stores, travel companies, CBD brands, high volume enterprises, startups, international businesses, MLM ventures, and adult entertainment sites.

Services Offered

HighRiskPay provides both retail and ecommerce merchant accounts with access to a payment gateway and virtual terminal. Users can process debit/credit cards and leverage features like:

  • Fraud protection
  • Chargeback prevention
  • POS systems and mobile card readers
  • Recurring billing
  • Data reporting

They also offer ACH processing for electronic check transactions using bank routing and account numbers.

Approval Process

Approval Process

The company promises instant approvals for high risk applicants within 24 hours. No application fee is charged and funding can be received the next day. The approval rate claimed is 99%.

Even new businesses and merchants with bad credit can get approved due to their high risk specialization.

Benefits of

Access a High Risk Merchant Account with

Expertise with High Risk Businesses

The provider has extensive experience serving high risk industries since 1997. Their expertise helps ensure smooth approvals and setup.

Quick Application Process

The entire application and approval process is completed within 24 hours. New clients can start processing payments almost immediately.

Competitive Rates and Contracts

HighRiskPay does not impose early termination fees. Their pricing and rates are tailored for high risk industries.

Robust Payment Processing

The platform allows processing credit, debit, ACH and contactless payments. Omnichannel solutions provide seamless experiences.

Chargeback Management

Proactive chargeback alerts and prevention programs help minimize disputes. This reduces penalties and risk of losing merchant services.

What Industries Can They Serve?

HighRiskPay claims to accept and process merchant accounts from diverse high risk verticals including:

  • Adult entertainment
  • CBD and vape stores
  • Crypto exchanges
  • Debt collection agencies
  • Ecommerce stores
  • High ticket retailers
  • International businesses
  • MLM and network marketing
  • Online gaming
  • Online pharmacies
  • Subscription box companies
  • Tech support
  • Travel agents and booking sites

Essentially any business labeled as “high risk” due to nature of products/services, new status, sales volume or history of chargebacks.

What to Expect as a High Risk Merchant

Being categorized as high risk comes with some implications to keep in mind before applying for a merchant account:

Longer Application Process

Expect more detailed application questioning and requests for documentation as proof of legitimacy.

Higher Maintenance Fees

Accounts require closer monitoring so monthly or annual fees tend to be higher.

Extra Security Protocols

Providers will establish additional verification steps and security to minimize fraud/chargeback risks.

Higher Transaction Fees

All processing costs like interchange fees, authorization fees etc. will be elevated for high risk classification.

Rolling Reserves

A percentage of sales is held in reserve by provider in case chargebacks need to be covered. Reserves are released after predetermined periods.

What Are the Different Types of High Risk Merchant Accounts?

There are a few different types of high risk merchant accounts available, including:

  • Offshore merchant accounts: These accounts are ideal for businesses that are located in countries where it is difficult or impossible to obtain a merchant account from a local bank.
  • Bad credit merchant accounts: These accounts are designed for businesses that have bad credit or a history of bankruptcy.
  • Adult merchant accounts: These accounts are designed for businesses that sell adult products or services.

How to Get Started with

Follow these steps to get set up with a high risk merchant account through HighRiskPay:

  1. Submit Online Application: Fill out details about your business operations, owners, processing history etc.
  2. Provide Necessary Documentation: Supply all documents needed to verify identity, validate experience claims and establish legitimacy.
  3. Complete Review Process: Cooperate with any additional verification required during underwriting process.
  4. Receive Account Confirmation: Get approval decision and account number within 24 hours in most cases.
  5. Integrate Payment Processing: Work with HighRiskPay to integrate payment gateway, finalize contracts and complete setup.
  6. Start Accepting Payments: Begin leveraging your new high risk merchant account to process transactions.

Ready to establish credit card processing abilities for your high risk business? With two decades of experience, can efficiently guide you through the merchant account process.


What information is needed to apply?

You’ll need to provide business licenses, company financials, owner identification, bank statements, previous processing history, and high risk specific details.

Are there account minimums or monthly obligations?

No, HighRiskPay does not impose monthly minimum processing volumes or account fees.

Can accounts get terminated suddenly?

Accounts typically won’t get suddenly terminated unless very high fraud or chargeback rates are detected.

Does HighRiskPay offer offshore accounts?

Yes, they have experience setting up US merchant accounts for offshore and international businesses.

Can bad credit merchants get approved?

Yes, the company specializes in getting high risk merchants approved, even those with poor credit or no processing history.

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